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"Cross-country ski check-in place My best friend and I decided to travel to Oslo before winter arrived, to get to know the Nordmarka cross-country ski area. My best friend and I couldn't help but start taking pictures around here. Especially facing the sea, the feeling of blowing the sea breeze is very ok. Nordmarka is a cross-country skiing area that my girlfriends and I decided to challenge. Our first impression after entering is that it is really big hahaha, and there are many taller trees, and the trees are thick with another layer of ice. . Let us think that this is a small world wrapped in silver and the whole environment is shaped like its name, so that people can experience the atmosphere at once. There are also some cabins in Nordmarka, which look a little cute from the outside, but my girlfriends and I did not go in because it was not cold. Skiing here can be said to be very exciting. My girlfriends and I were sliding slowly, but it took a lot of effort. The people on the tour are okay, no more, no less, so it is not particularly noisy and crowded. It can be called a small world of its own. During the break, we will not forget to take photos and check in. Generally speaking, my best friends and I are very satisfied with this trip in Oslo, especially cross-country skiing really allows us to experience the new tricks of skiing. For ski lovers like us It is also very suitable. Practical Tips: Oslo is wet throughout the year, and you hardly need to consider travel time. Scenic address: Nordmarka, Oslo, 890, Norway"