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Sifang Tingyin

Sifang TingyinNearby City

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"From Lijiang ancient city, less than half an hour to Shuhe ancient town, this is the birthplace of Mushi toast, tea and horse ancient road on the preservation of the important market town, part of Lijiang ancient city world cultural heritage. From the main entrance archway of the ancient town, less than 10 minutes to the square listening to the sound. There are many stone benches around the square, you can sit down and relax, the four-sided shops, next to the artisan street, quiet. There is a spectacular stage in the middle, as the largest square in Shuhe ancient town, still worth seeing, the stage door upstairs "the four-way listening" four words are very big; The word "Sifang" is a pun, which is not only quoted from "Sifang Street", but also the real meaning of all sides and all over the world. There is a bonfire party in the square at night. It is very lively. The bonfire party time 20:00-21:00 has greatly enhanced the humanistic atmosphere of the ancient town. This is the main recreational and recreational area for local people. The ancient town of Shuhe is charged tickets, the ticket office is at the iconic archway, but when we went there, a path to the main entrance of the ancient town was also able to enter, and no one checked in before 7 o'clock in the morning or after 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The ancient town is not big, half a day can be turned over, recommend to Sifang Street, Qinglong Bridge, Jiuding Longtan, tea horse ancient road museum and other attractions, the most along the street is the silverware shop, of course remember to bargain. If the tour ends early, you can walk from the ancient town behind the Sansheng Palace for 1 hour to the ancient town of Baisha. There are many lacquer trees on Shilian Mountain in Shuhe, and you must not miss them here every autumn. I am a clockwise, a travel love photography love punch card of the old youth, travel is my life is a compulsory course, is an indispensable part of my life, I love casual and casual photography, also love to share my journey experience and experience, if you think my notes help you, Please give me a compliment." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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