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Solang Valley

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"Outdoor skiing"
"Encounter|【Suolang Valley】~a paradise on earth Suolang Valley-a place without the hustle and bustle of cumbersomeness, as a tour guide, it is natural to run around and enjoy the beautiful scenery everywhere. So embarked on this trip to the valley with yearning and longing. The first sight of the Suolang Valley is shock, satisfaction, and release of the soul. It is different from the metropolis we live in now, high-rise buildings. Looking up in the valley is the endless blue sky and white clouds. The deep valleys are surrounded by clouds and mist. The lush mountains in the distance are like entering a fairyland on earth. There are a few people scattered here and there, which reminds me of "there are people in the depths of the white clouds." I think people living in such a beautiful place are also very free and happy. The scenery of places with mountains and trees is really suitable for taking pictures. I also like to make friends. So when I met some of my colleagues, I took them and took many beautiful photos, hehe. I also experienced rafting and gliding. It’s really nice. You can also experience the beautiful scenery by taking the cable car to the top of the mountain, but it’s better if you hike. Some tips Location information: Suolang Valley in Manali Opening hours: Free and warm throughout the year Tip: If you go in winter, you must be prepared to keep warm, after all, it is a valley (it was summer when we went, and it is also a ski resort)"