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Changxingxian Mountain

Changxingxian Mountain

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"When I went there were so many people who caught up with Qingming. We first climbed the mountain to the temple on the top of the mountain. There were still quite a lot of people here. See picture 1 and picture 2. After leaving the temple, of course we can’t go back the same way. We walked from the exit for a long time. When I arrived at my favorite part of the cable bridge, my mother first went to the ticket booth to buy tickets. The ticket booth was in the opposite direction of the cable bridge. Figure 3 and Figure 4 show that we were queuing to enter the cable bridge and finally got on the bridge. It was shaking and exciting. After going out of the cable bridge and following the flow of people, you will see the entrance of the next attraction. This is by boat, passing through the wetlands and reeds. I also like this very much. Sitting on the back of the boat is very comfortable to blow. The pond is over, the lotus is withered and nothing is gone, so I didn’t take any photos. Finally, we waited for the scenic car to take us to see the goldfish. Hehe, the last photo was the sunny beach where the goldfish was seen. The goldfish was not taken, and the time was too late. , I rushed to the pier and waited for the boat. It’s a fat house. We bought a combined ticket so we can play so much, so you can consult when buying a ticket. If it is a combined ticket, don’t throw it away. You have to scan each scenic spot, otherwise you can't play other scenic spots. It is better to have the sun to play, and the scenery will be more beautiful."