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Waterfalls of Ehuang CreekNearby City

Waterfalls of Ehuang Creek

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"Probably it has something to do with Ehuang's character. The entire canyon is magnificent, with cliffs flying high, and huge boulders abrupt. Walking in it, there is always a sense of despair that there is no end and a way out. Walking along the winding iron bridge step by step into the depths of the canyon, the stream under the bridge is shining with waves and unknown birds fly by from time to time. The beauty of the mood followed by the eyes is also relaxed! Suddenly, I found a super-large spider web. It was colorful under the sunlight. It’s a pity that its owner didn’t know where to go to play~ The water here comes down from Shunwang Ping and seeps from the valley and contains many kinds of minerals. Substances, trace elements, and even more rare is the veritable natural mineral water without any artificial pollution! In addition, this place has not been fully opened yet, and it is such a primitive and pollution-free environment that makes the national treasure yew exist here. According to the tour guide, there are also rare baby fishes, macaques, and leopards~ but we have no luck to see~ walking in the canyon, we can always see such a sight, large and small, long and short, thick and thin. The branches are embedded among the boulders in the valley. It is said that this is placed by some elderly people or people with inconvenient legs and feet. It is a kind of expectation and good prayer for health. Walk slowly to the depths, and you can see the magical virgin forest! The trees are more verdant and dense, covering the sky and obscuring the sun, so the air becomes more humid, and the oxygen content soars. It can really be called an oxygen generator of nature! All kinds of unknown grasses and big trees, I only feel that the verdant dark green light green full of mountains and wilds, or light, or rich, all kinds of green are in front of you! From ancient times to the present, there has been no man-made felling and destruction. Large trees crush small trees. Small trees that do not see sunlight will wither. Large trees will die naturally when they reach the age limit. Dead trees that have not fallen to the ground are called "dead standing trees"; The one below is called "Withered Crosswood", which is said to be a major feature of the primeval forest! If you continue to move forward, you will see the cliffs on all sides with no way out. Only the blue sky and white clouds can be seen upwards. Moving on, I saw Liu Yinhuaming again. This is a piece of Buddha's light wall: when the weather is clear, the cliff on the east is dark, and the cliff on the west is magnificent under the sunlight, like a Buddha facing the world, with blessings shining everywhere. Walking in the valley, you can see such colorful stones everywhere: countless colorful colors, dazzling flashes under the washing of water, it is a mixture of marine rock and basalt, shining in the sun!"