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Peach Blossom RiverNearby City

Peach Blossom River

4.5/594 Reviews
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Ranked #9 in Lingchuan Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"If the Li River is a "green belt", then the Taohua River is a colorful river. As the sister river of the Lijiang Peach Blossom River, its beauty is not inferior to that of the Lijiang River! Both sides of the strait are pink and willow green, and fall in colorful colors. She originated from Lingchuan Simo Mountain. It was called Yangjiang in ancient times. It is known as "Nine Music and Eighteen Bays". The river is bounded by Feiluan Bridge, the upstream is called Taohua River, and the downstream is called Yangjiang, "Yangjiang" "Autumn Moon" is one of the old eight scenic spots in Guilin, known as the "Qinhuai River" in Guilin. When you hear this name, it is not difficult to imagine how prosperous it was back then. "Put the water in Zunyang and lead the river to the stone beams. The air is rushing with light rain and white, and the shadows enter the mountains. The wild goose moves the string quickly, and the dragon idle flute lies on the bed. He also sings the color rhombus, and returns to the pond under the moonrise." Ming Dynasty poet Yu Anqi's "Rafting the Yangjiang River" shows people a colorful landscape painting on the Taohua River. Nowadays, the waterway from Taohua River to Fanglian Pond has been opened, with stacked stones, artificial waterfalls, springs, small bridges, plank roads, walking paths, reliefs, and lighting, which is more graceful and beautiful, recreating the past. That beautiful Peach Blossom River."
Nvying StreamNearby City

Nvying Stream

1 Reviews
"Personally, the heroine is more charming and charming than Ehuanggu. Many streams merge into it, receiving the gurgling streams on both sides in the shape of leaf veins, all the way down from gentle to clear, as pale as distant mountains into the belly of the Yellow River. Countless streams in the entire canyon merge into four pools of wind, rain and thunder. Passing through the Qixian Waterfall, flowing along the river channel paved by the colorful stones that the female snail fills the sky.....Tianqiu, Tianwo: Continue to move forward, on the left cliff, a crack runs from The top of the cliff runs through the bottom of the cliff, and there is a round stone nest at the bottom. Geologically called "Tianjiao" and "Tianwo" respectively. Tianjiao and Tianwo are formed by crustal movement. After "two days", the one turning around and greeted is a huge magical picture! Gallery relief: This huge relief is very special. Some people say it is a picture of beasts, because on it you can find camel heads, frog heads, snake heads, rabbit heads, pig heads, etc., some people call it " "Ten thousand snakes out of the hole", because most of the patterns on it are like snake heads, but I prefer to call it: the fairy picture scroll man walks under the "picture scroll", like a tiny little ant marveling again, the magical work of nature! Does this look like Da Shimen? People are walking under the rocks, and the water is flowing under their feet. Hidden deep in the canyon is the last virgin forest in North China. With a humid atmosphere, the trees cover the sky and the tour guide said that the ecological environment here is superior, besides many animals and plants, there are many medicinal materials! Nature is a magical sculptor who sculpts a magnificent canyon, boulder nature is still a painter. Green mountains, green water, yellow leaves, colorful stones fall into the stream, golden shadows sway the blue sky and reflect the pool water, and the sky blue branches and leaves are in full bloom. A rich oil painting surfaced on the water, very beautiful! The yellow leaves of early autumn and the azure blue sky merge in the pool water, as if a thousand-year-old tree bloomed into the blue sky: it painted a painting-like rich color! The deeper I went, the more uncertain the road became. I didn’t know what to do. I walked to an unopened area and saw a more beautiful scenery!"