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Maribyrnong River

Maribyrnong RiverNearby City

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"There must be a bargaining person on the small bridge and flowing water in the Maribyrnong River, who would say, what is so good about the river, is it just flowing water? But the people who don’t understand don’t understand it. The melodious sound of the river flowing is not inferior to any pure music now. Together with the weeping willows by the river, a landscape painting of people with a small bridge and flowing water suddenly appears in front of them. The parks and even the rivers in the mountains are incomparable. ●River Coming to this historic river in Melbourne, it is inevitable that I feel a little complicated. I watched it near a village. I was the only one wandering along the river with such a beautiful scenery, but fortunately it was the same. People come to disturb my state of mind. Perhaps among the swallows that others were right, I was deliberately going out to bask in the sun and squatted on the sand by the river to play in the sand, but in my eyes, this river has long become the most dazzling in nature, Xiaoqiaolihuirenjia The artistic conception is not always available, and isn’t such a clear and tranquil river worth our appreciation? ●Environment My thoughts are withdrawn from the running water. The environment here is very original and there is no trace of damage, not to mention plastic bags and harmful air. It is very comfortable here. The surrounding towns are all It's very quiet, as if no one wants to break the rare and precious tranquility in this trouble. Opening hours: Open all day. Ticket information: Free to play. Suggested play: 2 hours" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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