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Liberty Square

Liberty SquareNearby City

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"It’s almost Christmas again. We’ve been talking about my Christmas trip for the last three years. The last issue talked about being invited back to Dubai for the holidays last year. (If you’re interested, you can read the previous one). Talking about this year. Some friends will ask: this year? Isn’t Christmas two days left? Haha, you, let me talk about it. On December 25th last year, I returned to Beijing after attending the Desert Carnival Night on Christmas Day last year, but I didn’t think it was enough. People are more interested in cross-country activities, right? So I left after a few days after New Year's Day at home! Where did I go this time? Returning to the Balkans, because I know that Christmas there hasn’t started yet... A few days ago, I said I was tired of European aesthetics. Isn’t this going back again? Not all! You listen to me. Friends who have some knowledge about religion know that Eastern Orthodox Christmas is on January 7th instead of December 25th. Before, I only caught up with it in Russia, and I have never experienced it in other countries where the Orthodox Church is dominated. Christmas. I just have time and all my friends over there are on holiday, so what are you waiting for?...A friend from Bay City drove me to Novi Sad on the day of Christmas on January 7th, because I had Have been to Serbia five times but have never been there. Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia after Bay City. It is located about 70 kilometers southeast of Belgrade. The Danube River runs through it and divides the city into two. It is also the capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. cultural Center. So I must come here this time. In fact, when you get here, you will find that although it is independent, it is no different from going from one city to another. Let's talk about the sights and scenery of this city later, let's talk about today's theme-Christmas dinner! My friend booked a restaurant for local talents in the old town of Novi Sad, where no foreign tourists can really feel the original taste. In fact, the Serbian cooking method is simple, either frying or roasting, but the taste of the food is enough to satisfy the taste buds. The custom here is that they don’t eat turkey for Christmas dinner and mostly eat fish for two reasons. One is that they think that fish is not meat. On this day, they must be pure-hearted and not eat big meat. Another is to commemorate the story of Jesus’ five loaves and two fish in the Bible. Up. The restaurant’s layout is frugal and elegant (I'm back to the red and green of European Christmas) The first soup is fish skin soup, and the main course is grilled Danube trout. Both are the most traditional Christmas meals in Novi Sad. single. Very few people in the restaurant only have a table of men drinking coffee, maybe they are all together at home like us during the Spring Festival! I heard another reason while chatting with the boss. He said that business is not good now because the economy of the city is not enough. People who are poor don’t want to eat out. They usually eat at home to save some... I can’t help but hear this on Christmas Day. There is a trace of sadness. The boss is really that he does not have our vanity. Don’t lose face in front of foreigners. Thank him for letting me feel the honesty of Nuocheng people. Thank him for not closing the door on this day. I wish him a Merry Christmas. ! I will definitely come again next time!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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