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Mys Tobizina

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"The secret realm of Vladivostok that most people never know about-Tobyzina about the end of Vladivostok-Tobizina. It was the second day of coming to Vladivostok. By chance, a Chinese who had lived here for seven years drove here. He left a message in my comment area and said, "Welcome to Vladivostok. Tok". I happened to say that I would take my friends for a day off. I said I could take me with me, so I went here. Cape tobizina, in the summer, the place I saw was green, but unfortunately I didn't see it with my own eyes. But in winter, she was still beautiful and moving, and the phone couldn't capture one-tenth of what I saw. I took a taxi from the city center for about 16 kilometers. I just got off the bus and exclaimed as if I had never seen the world, "This is too beautiful!!!" The sea and the sky, all kinds of cliffs, mixed with unmelted snow , Although she has been to many coastal areas, they are not as magnificent as her! Ordinary cars can only drive up to the hillside. After getting off the car, you have to hike for nearly 4 kilometers. It took an hour to walk through the long woods. There are many footprints left by foxes in the snow. I heard that there are often poisonous snakes in the forest in summer. I was so scared that I was lucky to catch up with them hibernating (smirking bee). When I walked to the end, I was completely amazed. The clear water under the cliff, all kinds of weird-shaped rocks were polished smoothly and meticulously by the sea. A group of seals beside the stones, some were lazily basking in the sun, not far away. A group of wild ducks wandered comfortably. It’s already in the afternoon when the sun sets to the west, the sea is reflected in the sunset, cliffs in the distance, seagulls flying on the sea, and occasionally an eagle flies in the sky, and the sound of waves hitting the reef one by one. It makes people comfortable and reluctant to leave. In the end, I was beaten to reality by the sea breeze in this winter. After watching the sunset, I reluctantly said goodbye. It is impossible for ordinary tourists to come here, 1 is to hike, 2 to spend time. Generally, in summer, Russian locals come here to surf and pick up sea urchins and seafood. Regarding traffic, don’t stop beckoning taxis on the road. They will bully you and kill you if you are unfamiliar. 200 rubles will charge you at least 500 rubles. Regarding communication, most people here do not speak English, you can download one that can be translated, plus sign language, then you are not afraid to go everywhere. Regarding the location on the Russian island, the screenshot of the specific address is in the picture. There is a corner that needs to be hiked back and forth. 14 Kilometers, I didn’t go if there was not enough time. The cliff where the sun sets is rarely visited by locals. I heard that the scenery is beautiful. If you are interested, you can try"