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Provo Canyon

Provo CanyonNearby City

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"A playground hidden in the canyon — Prove Canyon has watched too many American dramas and is always attracted by his super beautiful location! This time I came to Utah, a very small state in the United States, with my friends. There are many famous attractions here, but this time we listened to the local people’s recommendation to Prove Canyon, which has a lot of attractions. Grand Canyon! Travel Strategy: There is no direct flight from Beijing to Prove. We turned many times before finally reaching our destination. After arriving at Prove, we drove by car and followed the navigation to find Prove canyon. Travel time: September and October to compare Good, the weather is more comfortable, and this canyon is closed from 11.1 to 5.1 during the year (because of snow, etc.). Activities: 1. The towering canyon is particularly large, and there are spectacular waterfalls. We were the first to play It's just drifting, which is particularly exciting and cool! 2. For fishing, we prepared fishing rods early and so on. There is a single pond here, where many people do that fishing. It is very shady and a good place for fishing! 3. The most shocking thing here is! actually! You can also ride a horse! I really want to be a playground hahaha! In such a gorge, there is a plain grassland for horse riding, and you can listen to the sound of the waterfall and enjoy it! Play experience: There are many other activities here. I didn’t go on the day of the mountain climbing due to time constraints, but it is especially recommended. It is simply the best way to keep fit. There are also many riverside sermons here. You can take a walk and eat. : Here you can bring your own things in for a picnic! We just had a large group of people for a barbecue! (As long as you clean it up by yourself, there is no problem!)" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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