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Botanical Garden
Lingbeizhen Hehua Guanshang Base

Lingbeizhen Hehua Guanshang BaseNearby City

"Botanical Garden"
"[Traffic] National Highway 323 runs through it, and the starting point of Provincial Highway S260 starts at Lingbeixu Town and connects with National Highway 323. [Environment] Lingbei Ancient Town under the first peak of Guangdong, and Chengjia-the south entrance of Lingbei Canyon. Many old buildings are preserved in Lingbei Ancient Town, especially near the riverside wharf. Entering the old streets and alleys, it feels like going back in time...Walking to the pier, one side is the old pier, temples, and ancient banyan trees, and on the other is the trees lined with green bamboos, a bay of clear water, and the scenery on both sides of the strait. A good view of the Jiangnan water town... The "Sanzhong Temple" in the town is now an activity center for the elderly. The Yanziyan in Lingbei Town is spectacular with tens of thousands of swallows gathered every spring. Lingbei specialties are Puluzhou Shatian pomelo and Lingbei chestnut. Yangshan also has tourist attractions such as Guangdong First Peak Tourist Scenic Area, Xianling Mountain Scenic Area, Beishan Ancient Temple, Guangdong Nanling National Nature Reserve, Hanyu Memorial Hall, etc. The specialty products include Huaishan, Dongguan Pear, Yangshan Chicken, Figs, Wild Lingzhi and so on. [Comprehensive] In the past, Lingbei had the convenience of green lotus water. After the upstream weighing frame and the yellow bamboo, firewood, tung oil and other special products were collected and distributed in Lingbei, they went down the Lianjiang River in Qinglian Town along the river, and then sailed. Qingyuan, Guangzhou. In the 1960s after the liberation, many small coal kilns appeared in Huangtu area. Although the coal card number was low, it was suitable for civil fire use. The riverside wharves were filled with high coal piles, which were loaded onto cargo ships by automated conveyor belts. Transferred to the Pearl River Delta; in the 1970s, the Guangzhou Automobile Transportation Company had a dedicated fleet. Dozens of Jiefang vehicles were stationed in Lingbei, and the coal was transported from coal kilns to Lingbei Wharf, where it was transferred to Guangzhou by water. Before the 107 National Highway was opened to traffic, Lingbei was a small transportation hub, with the first peak on the north longitude scale, passing Shaoguan in the east, Lianzhou in the northwest, and Yangshan to Qingyuan in the south. Lingbei was indeed a Wei town with dense traffic. Lingbei Village, Lingbei Town, the central part of the north of Yangshan County" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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