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City Park
Qicheng Cultural Heritage Scenic Area

Qicheng Cultural Heritage Scenic AreaNearby City

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"City Park"
Puyang Top 1 in Great Urban Parks
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The Qicheng site is a national key cultural relics protection unit. The above ground is the ruins of an ancient city with a circumference of 1,520 meters, covering an area of 1,440 square meters. The underground contains historical relics of different periods from the Yangshao culture to the Han Dynasty more than 6000 years ago. The Qicheng League is an important historical event in the Spring and Autumn Period. To the west is the ruins of the majestic ancient city wall. The tall earthen platform is the meeting place where the Spring and Autumn Princes Association held ceremonies. Huimeng prevailed in the Spring and Autumn Period. At that time, princes or princes and officials often held a restrictive etiquette activity in order to consolidate internal unity and fight hostile forces. After reaching an agreement, all parties in the alliance will swear to the alliance on the platform, then kill the animal to take blood, drink the blood and bury the animal (that is, bury the animal after drinking the blood), and make a promise to the gods. The leader of the alliance is called the leader. At that time, the leader mostly relied on his own strength to give orders under the banner of convincing people with virtue, restraining the strong and supporting the weak, and assisting the Zhou family. According to the records of "Chun Qiu" and "Zuo Zhuan", in the nearly a century from 626 BC to 531 BC, the princes were in the Guardian League fourteen times, including seven times in Qicheng. The content involved alliances, Betrayal, renewal, and rescue of invaded countries. Facing this high platform, we can still imagine the spectacular scenes of all the princes. On February 5, 1991, Jiang Zemin personally visited the Qicheng site and spoke highly of its value. Qicheng is a border town in the northern part of the Wei Kingdom. It faces Jin across the Yellow River to the north, borders Shandong to the south, and borders Zheng to the west. Its geographical location is very important. It is precisely because of this that it has become a strategy for the lords to fight for. aims. At the same time, Qicheng is also the beneficiary of the Sun family of the Wei Kingdom. The Sun family’s power is in the hands of the opposition. Its position directly affects the political situation of the Wei Kingdom and the balance of the power of the princes. Therefore, history books record that many historical events are related to Qicheng. Related, Confucius’ disciple Zilu was killed in a political incident related to Qicheng." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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