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Dangshan Library

Dangshan LibraryNearby City

5/53 Reviews
"I forgot to take photos. I visited it a long time ago. It is very new and there are many books. There are special computers for reading books. There are strict administrators. Those who want to play games on the computer will have to bear it, so good It’s fine to browse through the reference books inside. You don’t need to come to the library to play games or anything. There is also advanced electronic reading equipment. There is a screen outside to choose the books you want to read. I don’t know that because it’s not in my knowledge. What’s the name? Anyway, it’s an electronic device for reading with a touch screen. There is also a special study room on the ground floor. The equipment is also advanced. The underground signal is not very good. If you want to read but your mobile phone will send important information, you are not recommended to go to the underground study room. , Because it is newly opened, the environment is very good. There are toilets outside, which are very clean and tidy. However, after going to the library for the first time two or three times, there is no time to go again. I don’t know how the environment is now. I am worried that their toilet door will be broken, because I often see that the handle of a good public toilet is pulled off by someone. The door seems to be kicked and it is crooked, and the iron curtain of the window is also crooked. I wonder every time. Those people have to have a grudge against the public facilities and they have to be broken. Generally speaking, this is a super super library. I hope that people who come in the future can keep quiet. When I went there for the first time, there were a lot of elementary school students. I went to the computer area to play games and I was scolded. I took the children’s suggestions to the children’s area. It’s not good for the children to quarrel with others. There is a reading booth outside. If you have the courage, you can try it. It’s soundproofed. Come with Dong Qing. Like the reading booth in the show, I hope such a good library can attract more people to read." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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