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Dashatou Tourist Area

Dashatou Tourist AreaNearby City

4.7/534 Reviews
Ordos Top 22 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open on Tue-Fri,8:30am-1:00pm,3:00pm-7:30pm;Open on Sun,9:00am-12:30am;Open on Sat,8:30am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Dashatou Ecological and Cultural Tourism Zone is located at the junction of Mongolia, Shaanxi and Ningxia provinces, and is the source of the famous Mu Us Desert. The towering peaks of Dashatou and the abrupt sand dunes can reach a height of 50 meters. There are many green forests in the scenic area. There are artificial reservoirs and grasslands nearby. Together with the beautiful and colorful natural scenery, the ancient and strong ethnic customs has created Here is the peculiar desert landscape. The tourist area is a western desert sports base camp with desert hot springs as the main body and Mongolian customs and culture as its backing. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the desert here, engage in desert leisure and entertainment projects such as desert competitions and desert explorations, as well as bonfire parties, equestrian shows, cultural performances and other exciting and rich cultural activities. Tourists can also play sandboarding, ride horses, and Ride a camel and play a real CS. If you come to the scenic spot in summer, you can also take part in the water sports here, such as: water roller ball, water bumper car, water bike and boating, etc. These items require additional fees, and the cost ranges from 40-60 yuan per person. Every week there are events such as archery, wrestling, rock climbing, and desert relay races. During the annual harvest season, visitors can also come to the picking garden in the scenic area to pick fresh fruits and vegetables. During the period from April to October each year, various tourist festivals are often held in the scenic area. The activities are full of Mongolian customs and the rough and free style of the western desert. The area of the scenic area is relatively large, and the scenic area provides a sightseeing car to reach the various scenic spots in the scenic area (not included in the ticket)."
Tengger Desert

Tengger DesertNearby City

4.8/5244 Reviews
Alashanzuoqi Top 1 in Amazing Natural Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Tengger, in the Mongolian word for "sky," it really, like heaven, did not go deep into its heartland, really can not feel its beauty. The cross-country driving sand flushing enough, this time opted for a hike. Four days three nights, one night in Alxa town hotel, two days tent. Tengger, it's testing your willpower. If you're just doing a blockbuster and feeling the desert, don't go on this line, you can choose to cross it. Because the hike is really sad. . . Tengger's highest dunes can be a hundred or two meters high and it's rolling. "It is the same as flipping through mountains. But walking in the sand is completely different from walking in a solid place. The desert is one kilometer, and it can even be two or three kilometers above the flat ground. It is the true interior of the desert, so the sand is very dry." That means that every foot will be deeply trapped... Three days of intensive walking, a total of 65km of desert. Accommodation at night is more painful, setting up tents in the temporary place of nomads, which means that there is actually cow and horse dung 😄 and there is basically no signal in the hinterland. Every time we go to the highest point, and then wait for the wind to blow, pick up a little signal ~ from 4g to 2g. After the sandstorm and the shower, there are animals and oasis, the mosquitoes are so scary that you imagine, go over, go all the way, The pants are covered with a gray coating, that is the mosquito ~ As long as you can stick to the, Tengger walk through, you will harvest paradise. After the official successful completion of the Tengger cross, you can come to the dream road, this is the exit. This road is also quite suitable for self-driving routes, the scenery on both sides of the road is very very beautiful~" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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