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Theme Park
Chongqing Happy Valley

Chongqing Happy ValleyNearby City

4.6/53,995 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Open from 3/1-4/2,Fri-Sun,9:30am-10:00pm;Open from 3/1-4/2,Mon-Thu,9:30am-6:30pm (Local time)
"Happy Valley|Halloween Happy Festival😈The resurrected valley night scream🕘Time: 10.10-11.8🚈Transportation: Metro Line 6---Guobo Line "Happy Valley Station"🏘🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️Hunyuyeshancheng The place with the most national style 🎎 This theme area is the re-setting of the Laoshan City Republican style. When you enter and exit the two gates, you will feel a suspicious atmosphere. 🚪🏮 An elegant floating red curtain was hung in front of the gate, and NPCs opened curtains on the left and right to greet them. The white spray kept appearing, and there were unique sound effects, as if you were about to step into the night of a real ghost market. The experience is undoubtedly. ㊙️⭕️The theme of the Republic of China, the style of the old house in the mountain city, and the various appearances of NPC are the most ghostly atmosphere theme settings in the entire park. There are two haunted houses: 🏚Yin family mansion: It should be the frightening index of all haunted houses NO.1 , The queue is the longest, and the plaque at the door can be breathtaking 🏬Another space: It is also an ancient Chinese style setting. There are a few girls who quit and give up halfway through the line. It should be that the wall poster is realistic enough. 📸Multiple people set themed interaction Check in: 🎷Ballen Gate Dancer Drifting Soul🍵Meng Potang Experience🎭Soul Pawnshop Signature🛒Crossing the Rickshaw More open-air scenes are mainly the setting of nuclear radiation mutations and the loss of the theme haunted house --- Escape from Chenoli 🎴👺👺 Chao Phraya River Village This should be regarded as "the night of the soul of the mountain city", the COS degree and the fright index are both comparable The themes of multiple cabins in Southeast Asian villages and the performance of NPCs performing their duties make the gloomy atmosphere of the sacrifice closed very realistic. The effect of taking pictures is quite scary. Just take a look. 🃏Infant Soul "Little Ghost" Haunted House- --Gumantong Temple can feel the weird and mysterious atmosphere in Southeast Asian movies. NPCs and scenes with religious themes are still very thrilling and tense. 🔊🤖🤖The cyberspace may be full of foreign technology. Alien monsters and domestic living atmosphere and cultural influence are not as picture-sensitive as Eastern culture, so the overall feeling is acceptable 🕸Mutated Creature Haunted House-Fright Lab walks fast for five minutes, but walks slowly. . . , The entry and exit speed of the entire entrance and exit can predict the fright index inside. The waiting time is very short, a group of about 10 people, and the teammates can walk through it in five minutes. 🎃🎃🤡The pumpkin kingdom is really an "angel" The cute and fun photo mecca "pumpkin smile + lights" in the small town of "Class" under the night, the naughty ghost exudes an innocent and beautiful Halloween atmosphere. Pumpkin lanterns of different sizes and diverse displays attract people’s attention everywhere. Innocent, the lively and lovely little witches and little witches of the circus cooperated with the performance POS with enthusiasm and kindness. Because there are so many photos and checkpoints, they even forget that there is a haunted house in the circus. . ." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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