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Amusement Park
Chongqing Amusement Park

Chongqing Amusement ParkNearby City

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"Amusement Park"
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"This Ferris wheel must have occupied most of Chongqing people. To be precise, it is most of the childhood of the generation born in the 1980s...Yes, it was 30 years in a flash. I still remember that when I went to the amusement park to play, the performance near the weekend was absolutely It was the best of that week. After all, in childhood at that time, these big and fun "big metal toys" can make us spiritual food, not to mention, really can be eaten (face-faced bee). This Ferris wheel is located in Chongqing Amusement Park at the South Bridge of the Yangtze River Bridge in Nan'an District of Chongqing. It was first called Chongqing Science Center. Back then, the 50-meter-high Ferris wheel was the largest in the west. At the highest point, the picture that emerges in front of you is the scene full of layers and three-dimensional in Chongqing, undulating along the two rivers in a pattern...Although it has been "retired", it still stands by the mountain. At the head of the built South Bridge, everyone can check in and take pictures. There are flying pigeons in the square, which is very suitable for bringing children together. Don’t forget, it is one of the projects in the cruise park. Traffic🚦: 1 For self-driving navigation, enter Chongqing Amusement Park and turn right at the gate. 2Take the light rail line 3 to the exit 1 of the Industry and Trade Station. After the exit, walk in the direction of the gas station, and then go up the slope to the rear. 3 There are a lot of buses. It is recommended that the navigation input destination be switched to the bus line, and you must choose the nearest one. Recommended for fun 🎡: Play in the amusement park, but many projects have been suspended, but it does not affect the clocking in and taking pictures. The last destination is also a very popular old street destination in Chongqing—— Mountain city trail, play with it, I believe you will be more rewarding. Food recommendation: Too many, just say one, that is the snacks at the gate of the amusement park, a small barbecue, hahaha, although not green is not recommended, but it is delicious and delicious." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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