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4.3/5118 Reviews
Guang'an Top 5 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 5/1-10/8,8:30am-6:00pm;Open from 10/9-4/30,9:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"📌Detailed address: Located in the middle section of Mingyue Mountain, Fenghe Town, Linshui County, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, in the Sichuan-Chongqing combined zone, 110 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing and 33 kilometers away from Linshui County. 💳Ticket includes sightseeing car: 60 yuan (currently free for the Spring Festival next year, only 20 yuan for sightseeing ticket), parking fee: 10 yuan. 🕐Opening hours: May 1st-October 8th 08:30-18:00; October 9th-April 30th of the following year 09:00-18:00. 🚙Traffic strategy: Shuttle bus: Linshui County has a dedicated shuttle bus to the Wuhua Mountain tourist area. Self-driving: Navigate to the "Wuhuashan Tourist Area", get off the G42 Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway or G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, and follow the navigation instructions to arrive. 📝"The History of Jianlu Township" records that Lao Tzu Li Pan once passed by here when he cultivated the road, and used ploughshares to plow the land to form five mountain beams, like five dragons playing beads, hence the name "Five Huashan Mountain". Later generations built Laojun Temple , In the 1985 place name census, named Wuhua Mountain. It is composed of five peaks: Dashi Mountain, Zhongshi Mountain, Xiaoshi Mountain, Tingdu Mountain, and Phoenix Mountain. Sichuan and Chongqing are famous for their "beautiful peaks, clear waters, beautiful forests and wonderful trees". 📙Wuhuashan tourist area has unique mountain charm, pleasant climate and rich culture. There are Laojun Ye, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Zodiac Culture Square, Plant Tai Chi, Shuimu Tsinghua Water Park, Swimming Pool Landscape Area, Forest Tree House, Botanical Creative Garden, Forest Flower Sea, Lihua Promenade, Sanshan Observatory , Wangxiangpo Observation Deck, Tianmen Stone Pillar, Yaoziyan and other attractions. It is equipped with public service facilities such as visitor center, catering reception, forest tree house, farming cultural experience area, tourist trail, tourist toilet, ecological parking lot and so on. 👣Tour route: Wuhua Mountain tourism is divided into northern and southern routes, and there are sightseeing buses connecting the two routes. Generally, you enter from the north line on the left of the visitor center. There is no fork in the north line. You can walk along the plank road and play. The main play points are cliff swings and Wangxiangtai glass viewing platform. Then take a sightseeing bus 3km to the south line for sightseeing. The main attractions are Tianmen Queqiao (7D glass suspension bridge), space residence, botanical creative garden, etc., exit the scenic spot from the south line and return to the tourist center. ⚠️tips🔸Wuhua Mountain has a relatively large number of walking distances. It takes about 19,000 steps to walk in a complete circle. It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes. 🔸There are a number of chargeable and free amusement facilities in the scenic area, with a charge of 10-50 yuan, which can be selected according to your preferences. 🔸The glass viewing platform of Wangxiangtai on the North Line is in a good location for taking photos and viewing. It can be used for long-distance viewing on both sides of Mingyue Mountain. 🔸South Line Botanical Creative Garden is suitable for leisurely entertainment, walking through the green road built by plants, various swings and seesaws, let you experience the joy of childhood. 🔸There are food stalls at the North Line sightseeing station. It is recommended to bring some snacks and water."
The Grand Rift at Wulingshan

The Grand Rift at WulingshanNearby City

4.5/5577 Reviews
Open from 10/23-12/31,9:00am-3:30pm (Local time)
"Finally took advantage of the 51 holiday to visit the Wuling Mountain Rift Valley! Because of the epidemic, we chose to travel around this holiday. We bought the tickets in advance on the WeChat official account. When we bought the tickets, we found that there was still project 816. After searching the navigation, the two scenic spots were also very close, so we took them together. I bought the ticket and set off at 8 in the morning. In about two hours we arrived at the Wuling Mountain Rift Valley. The parking lot is very large, and it is very easy to park without money. I have to say that the visitor center is really big! Looks very grand! After changing the ticket, you can take a bus or cableway to enter the scenic spot. Generally speaking, the road is easy to walk. There is no uphill or downhill road. The ground joints are really spectacular. The beams of light formed by the sun are really good. It’s so good-looking, and the seams in the ground are very cool, and the tunnel that I passed through is also very interesting. The lighting of each section is different. People who can take pictures have a special feeling (my husband gave me random pictures at will, haha) , The overall feeling is very good. I saw the unique scenery and breathed the fresh air here. The key tickets are not expensive. I am satisfied and satisfied. Next time, I must bring my parents to find a weekend here for one night, hehe!"
Dapoling Provincial Forest Park

Dapoling Provincial Forest ParkNearby City

4.5/517 Reviews
Quxian Top 3 in Can't Miss Attractions
"📌Dapoling Provincial Forest Park is located at the northern end of Huaying Mountain, in Quxian County, Sichuan Province. It is 850-1000 meters above sea level, 7 kilometers west of Xiangyu Railway and Qujiangzhou River parallel to each other; 15 kilometers south is National Highway 318; east is Dazhu The county borders. 📒Dapoling Park forest area, green pine and ancient cypress, forest canopy cascading, green bamboo surging, green shade obscures the sun, gentle breeze coming, blue waves, standing or lying, just like countless dragons leaping; the terrain is flat and the lawn is inlaid, The morning glow and the mist are extremely quiet. 🎈Dapoling Forest Park originally belonged to the Huren Valley Scenic Area in Quxian County. It is probably on the mountain far away from the main attractions of Huren Valley. It has inconvenient transportation and few tourists. It is currently abandoned and the plank road and other recreational facilities have been damaged. Although it is abandoned, it does not affect the play, but has a sense of tranquility and mystery. The observation tower in the scenic area is intact, and it is a good place to climb up and look at the scenery. You can overlook the Qujiang and Linba Power Plant. This group of photos is here. Taken by the tower. In summer, there is a cool breeze here and there are waves of pine and waves. It is a good place for summer camping. tips🔸 The Dapoling Forest Park on the Gaode map is incorrectly positioned (located at Tongluo Mountain in Dazhu County). Dapoling is actually located in Huaying Mountain, near Wenjiacao, 620 Township, Qu County. 🔸Traffic strategy: 1⃣Huayingshan 318 National Road, near the Jiupanshan Quarry, enter the village road branch; 2⃣Dazhu County side Zhonghua Village uphill to the vicinity of Zhonghua Mountain. 3⃣ From the Quxian side to the mountain via Guangziba Scenic Area."
Tieshanping Forest Park

Tieshanping Forest ParkNearby City

4.6/573 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 12 reviews
"City Park"
Open from 9:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"4A scenic spot, a good place to take pictures and exercise while relaxing in the summer ✌Free admission ⛳️Our route is: [Entrance and Exit of Osmanthus Bay]-[Cultural Plaza]-[Tieshan Square]-[Sanyouping]-[Love Manor]-[Yunling Square] Enter the park at 9:50 and leave the park at around 13:00. The hiking + photo-taking time is about 3 hours Take No. 817 to the [Women Vocational Middle School] stop and get off the bus at the entrance of Guihua Bay of Tieshanping Forest Park. You can see the sign of "Tieshanping Forest Park" (Figure 1). Walk along the road for a few minutes and you will see the school (Picture 2), and then you will reach the Cultural Square and start your journey to climb the ladder. Climb a few minutes to Tieshan Square, where there is a tourist service department, you can look at the map of the park (Figure 4) and buy tourist souvenirs. Practical tips: ①I climbed ladders almost all the way, but the ladders here are very considerate, and they will be leveled after a few steps. There is no need to climb in the same motion all the time, which greatly reduces the burden on the knees. What is more considerate is that you can navigate to the nearby bus stop and go home if you are afraid of getting tired. There are bus stops on the mountain. ②There are drinking water supplies and places to eat in Yunling Square. ③It is still recommended that you watch the weather in advance and try not to go up the mountain on rainy days. Tieshanping's trail may be closed due to rain, so you can only go to the Panshan Highway at that time. Featured: Ten Scenic Views of Iron Mountain-Monk Guan Yuan Bell, Dinggu Gong Ming, Tong Gong Chaotian, Tieshan Holy Spring, Suojiang Site, Songying River Moon, Flower Field Seeing Fragrance, Zen Garden Listening to Rain, Caoye Starry Sky, Love Manor. There are also Luohan Cave, Dishuiyan Rock, Wuduo Rock, Yingzui Rock, Duiyilang, Hutou Rock, Jinyue Tower, Riyue Lake, Sandie Spring, Songcui Waterfall, Tieshan Yunti, Cherry Blossom Avenue, Ancient Fossils, Sports Park etc." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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