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Nature Reserve
Changshahu Ziran Ecology Sceneic Area

Changshahu Ziran Ecology Sceneic AreaNearby City

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"Nature Reserve"
Neijiang Top 26 in Can't Miss Attractions
"The scenery of Changsha Lake is majestic and beautiful, deep and steep, and tourists come here to linger. The "overflow waterfall" can be seen in summer and autumn. There are more than 200 large and small gangs in the lake, more than 50 peninsulas, and the backwater is 10 kilometers long. Boating on the lake, watching the green mountains and green waters, breathing in the cool breeze, listening to the birdsong in the valley, humans and nature seem to be integrated. The lakes are surrounded by green peaks and mountains, ravines are vertical and horizontal, the forest is deep and the trees are luxuriant, and the strange rocks are huge. The Monkey Stone on Elephant Trunk Hill and the three Buddhas on the Monk’s Col constitute a three-dimensional picture of Tang monk’s sutras; Fenghuang Village is a few kilometers in radius, surrounded by rock walls, steep and abnormal, only Wudaozhai Gate can go up the mountain; Small Three Gorges Canyon Deep, with twists and turns, there is a realm of "heavy mountains and rivers, there is no road to doubt, the willows are dark and there is another village"; the two long vines in the trenches hang in the air, each other, swaying in the wind, the locals call them "husband and wife vines"; 106 holes It is an underground combat readiness warehouse built secretly by the army in the 1970s. Nine caves are scattered in the Yanzigou Canyon. The largest cave is 200 meters deep and can accommodate 100 large trucks. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is a great way to escape the summer heat. Resort." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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