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Theme Park
Xining Xinhua Liantong Meng Amusement Park

Xining Xinhua Liantong Meng Amusement ParkNearby City

4.8/52,295 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Xining Top 3 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open on Mon-Fri,10:00am-6:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,10:00am-6:30pm (Local time)
"I checked the Raiders before I came, and I budgeted a bit. It was a little expensive (mainly because the tickets were a bit expensive), but there was no other better choice, so I finally chose to come. After I came, it was full Surprise, sure enough, you have to experience some things yourself before you can make a conclusion. You can't just pave the way for yourself based on the feelings of others in the strategy. And after experiencing all the items, I found that the tickets are worth the money and not expensive at all. 1. There are many amusement items, thrilling, exciting, soothing, and dynamic; 2. People who like to take pictures come here to be a good place, European-style buildings are full of gardens, as long as the photography technology is in place, the photos are in the land of Europe (Unfortunately, my photography skills are silly, and I can't get the effect); 3. The romantic carousel is still full of dreamy colors, and the speed is not fast, and it is suitable for all ages, and it rotates in circles as if I have returned to my childhood; 4. The silk road heartbeat VR experience is also intense and exciting. For me who is afraid of heights, I was shocked and sweated, as if I was in it. Compared with the virtual stimulation and the real jumping machine, I felt the adrenaline in the body continuously high frequency. 5. There is a river in the park. According to the staff, there will be fish swimming in it in the future. Tourists can feed it, which adds a lot of fun for children. There are bridges on the river, Romeo Bridge and Juliet Bridge. No one at the scene will tell the love story, but I am deeply caught in the aftertaste of the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Perhaps as I grow older, I may not be able to withstand the aftertaste of the past; overall; The architectural style, the graffiti design, the safety of the amusement facilities, and the service attitude of the park service staff are all worthy of praise. They are worthy of the tickets, and worthy of a full day of exhaustion and exhaustion. There are too many items to experience, and I am too happy. Review it several times!"
Shanditiyu Park

Shanditiyu ParkNearby City

"Theme Park"
Open from 9:00am-9:00pm (Local time)
"On the Internet, many travellers modified their cars to cross the land of China. That kind of grandeur and unrestrainedness has always been what I dream of, and I imagine that one day I can drive my car for thousands of miles. This year’s trip to the Northwest is very hot, so we plan to travel on a staggered peak. After the National Day, we will have a luxuriant RV tour. Model: Chase B RV80 5-seater 4-bedroom economy car rental: 799 yuan for 8 days (super Premium) Cleaning fee: 150 yuan Insurance fee: 250 yuan Gas fee (diesel): 1000 yuan Parking and water miscellaneous fee: 200 yuan total 2400 yuan Kilometers: 3950 kilometers [pre-departure] First contact with motorhome travel, many things are not I was thoughtful and thought that there were all kinds of equipment available for rent at the rental point. When I arrived, I found that there were only very few materials here, so I could only buy some. We bought a gas stove for 110 yuan, because the rental cost 80 yuan/time, thinking that it would be useful in the future, so we bought it; gas bottle (small) 10 yuan/bottle, bought 5 bottles, two small pots and spoons The total cost is 30 yuan, and 3 bottles of oxygen are 25 yuan/bottle, which adds up to about 250 yuan. This is the minimum configuration for us on the road. Then we also bought some beverages, ingredients, fruits, snacks, etc. in small supermarkets and roadside fruit stalls. We also bought a knife for cutting fruits and vegetables. If necessary, we can also defend ourselves. This is how we started. RV tour. [Driving experience] Those who have never driven a motorhome before imagined this car too beautifully, only to find that the height of the motorhome is a little bit beyond the controllable range, and every time it turns or passes through a speed bump, it feels like it has to tilt. The speed of 120 per hour can only be driven to 90, which greatly increases the time of arrival. [Accommodation experience] The car is really harder than expected. Although there are all facilities in the car, you have to take out the black water tank when you go to the toilet. The shower room is too small to turn around. Dizzy, the water can be very hot, but the supply is limited, and it only lasts when used up. It takes half an hour to add water. When eating and drinking Lhasa spend in the RV, it feels more terrifying than the basement of Beijing. It is not a chic and free feeling at all. [Picking experience] Most of the meals during the RV trip are picnics. We mainly use noodles. We have cooked all kinds of dried noodles, instant noodles and raw noodles. After cooking the noodles, add ham or sausages, vegetable leaves, eggs and other ingredients, simply make do, and occasionally pack some lamb to put in, it is simply delicious on earth. 【RV Miscellaneous】When it comes to chores, you cannot do without fuel and water. The RV uses diesel, which is generally 5 yuan per liter. The oil in Tibet is very expensive, more than 6 yuan per liter, so if you don’t spend a long time in Tibet, try not to refuel locally. We usually add less than half a tank of oil, because heating needs to burn oil when parking, so there is too little oil to be uneasy. The second thing is to add water. You should always pay attention to the scale of the clean water tank. 25% of the water must be added. Each time you increase the outline for half an hour, you can find a house where you can add water for 5 yuan. [Prompt for self-driving RVs in the Northwest] There are no serious camps in the northwest. They are all service areas, parking lots and the like, without bathing, water refilling, power supply and other facilities. Of course, you can also find a picturesque outdoor camping. First, you need to consider whether the RV can be driven into, the washboard road is easy to overturn, and second, you need to consider safety issues. Be sure to lock all the equipment inside and outside the car, including the black water tank. Not coveting the black water tank is just taking something to blackmail money. Safety also includes wild animals. There will be animals such as wolves in the wild. These are all things worth noting." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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