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Songmingyan National Forest Park

Songmingyan National Forest ParkNearby City

4.3/582 Reviews
Linxia Top 4 in Can't Miss Attractions
8:30-16:30 (Local time)
"The flower of Songmingyan is very famous, and it is called "April 8 Flowers", an ancient Han people's folk custom. In the days of April 26 to 29, the lunar calendar is held in Hezheng County National Forest Park. The flower meeting held in Songmingyan, a provincial scenic spot. The main style is the Hezhou flower. In fact, the flower meeting was approved by the State Council on May 20, 2006, and the first national intangible cultural heritage list. However, as a ride, we are coming to feel the scenery. From Lanzhou City, after climbing the seven beam tunnel, we will go downhill all the way. It is about 100 kilometers. It is basically Songmingyan. Because we need to climb the slope when we arrive at Hezheng County. And the physical strength has been consumed relatively large, so the arrival of Hezheng County is basically close to 6 pm. The next day is a tour of Songmingyan, that is, to go shopping in the cycling area. The most famous Songmingyan is the pine trees everywhere. It really looks very spectacular. From the name of the scenic spot, pine trees, rock is the main point of view of the scenic spot, because of the special geological topography, so the pine trees growth is quite good, Songming rock natural also became the most famous tourist attractions in Hezheng County. There is no need to pay attention to scenic spot tours. In the summer and autumn peak season, tickets are 50 yuan. In the off-season, they are 10 yuan cheap. The scenic spot management in the previous years is not very standardized, and these years are relatively better. The more famous point of view is that there are high people living in seclusion when the Yuan Dynasty comes to pass. Second, this is also a more proud of the scenic area, the building has the corresponding temples, but also pretty."
Kangduo Gorge

Kangduo GorgeNearby City

4.2/514 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The scenic spot that everyone went to in the comments is probably the view from the top of the Kangdo Gorge, the plateau grassland, which feels similar to other grasslands, and has no special features. To be honest, I was quite surprised to see this view, which is completely different from the Condo Gorge I experienced. I still have lingering fears. I accidentally walked from the bottom of the gorge. God, my heart raised my throat, and I wanted to turn back halfway, because it was too dangerous. The valleys on both sides were high and the weird rocks lined up like a knife. Around you, it is very steep and the canyon is very narrow. The mountains on both sides sandwich you tightly. You can't see the end. The scenery is too beautiful, but you don’t want to watch it. The heart is jumping. Navigation and warning signs remind you to be careful of falling rocks. Pay attention to safety, the key is to feel thrilling just after rain. It is estimated that the scenic area only opens the top part of the mountain in consideration of safety factors, so you can't feel the steepness of the canyon. It is estimated that you will be a little disappointed to travel with the mood of looking at the gorge. To be honest, after this experience, I discovered that my husband is very great, a southerner, the first time I experienced this kind of road conditions, the leisurely performance made me look at it differently and immediately worshipped a lot. After rushing out of the gorge to meditate, let it rest and experience it. Only then did I feel that the explanation in Baidu of Kangduo Canyon is very appropriate. It is indeed beautiful. Some mountains feel like Zhangjiajie’s. The difference is that you don’t look far away, but are close. Close at hand. Baidu Encyclopedia says: This area belongs to the Qilu arc-shaped fold zone of the West Qinling. The Xiaxia mountain peaks are cut like an axe, and the walls stand thousands of feet tall and abnormal. The pinnacles in the gorge stand upright, close at hand, the Yemu River under the rocks is surging, clear and bitter, and the waterfalls in the mountains are like practice, overhanging the cliffs. Between Zhangding Valley, thousands of trees cross ke, ten thousand trees Jingcui, scallops weaving, and mountain flowers fragrant. Kangduo Gorge is particularly magnificent, with strange peaks and strange rocks, abruptly competing appearances, thousand-year-old pine, intertwined with roots, or strange, or handsome, or wandering, or majestic, changing sceneries and changing sceneries endlessly. The peaks and canyons are filled with pine waves, the trees and rocks at the bottom of the valley are torrential and noisy, rare birds sing on the branches, strange animals in the bushes, people in the gorge, there seems to be no way, nowhere to go, in the fairyland of the Buddha Pavilion, seemingly far away The mundane world." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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