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China TangyuanNearby City

China Tangyuan

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"China Tangyuan is well-known for its bonsai art at home and abroad. It can be reached by a 3.5 yuan bus transfer and a 50 yuan ticket for one day. Because Tang Garden is located in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an, far away from the urban area, Lindai Road in Qujiang New District is located on the site of the Han Dynasty Yuanlin in the southeast of the ancient city of Xi'an-Dulingyuan. It overlooks Chanba in the east, Qujiang in the west, the imperial mausoleum in the south, and the imperial capital in the north. There is also a road network extending in all directions surrounding the garden. Need to transfer to Tour 6 to reach China Tangyuan. Tangyuan covers an area of about 2000 acres. Tangyuan is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the terrain is patchy. Therefore, it is also necessary to plan a route to play, otherwise it will repeat running, moving up and down, and tired. Tang Yuan gathered more than 20,000 pots of bonsai and materials of different styles and varieties. It seems to be placed randomly, but in fact it is original. Tang Yuan also collected countless Guanzhong folk stone tools. Tang Yuan collected tens of thousands of boulders and strange stones, as well as horse-tethering stakes, horse drinking troughs, stone tanks, stone mortars, lulu, millstones, etc. The stones are arranged carefully by landscape architects, with various shapes, various weather and strange stones. More than 20,000 old trees that are hundreds to thousands of years old are planted in Tangyuan, where old trees are grown. The huge water system and clusters of golden carp constitute a major feature of Tangyuan. The water in the small streams is clear and transparent; there are gurgling streams and Feiliu waterfalls; there are pond lotuses, and there are also lake shadows. During the swimming in groups of Japanese golden carp, they chase and play and are full of fun. It adds a bit of vitality and spirit to tourists. At noon during the tour, it is good to spend 12 yuan in the small food house in the garden and eat some local specialty noodles. For a day trip, it can be said: Tang Feng Tang Yun Yuan Zhongyuan, Du Ling looks far away at Chang'an. Old and young women and children are happy, and the beauty is all secular."