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Namcha Barwa PeakNearby City

Namcha Barwa Peak

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Nyingchi Top 3 in Can't Miss Attractions
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"Nangjabawa, the 28th highest peak of the world, 7782 meters above sea level, a snow-deep mountain that has not been conquered by mankind, the most beautiful snow mountain in China, because of the perennial cloud and fog around, nine times ten people, so called the Shame, but also because of its cloud and fog inconsistency, every time I see, The scenery is unique, can't find the same two photos, how lucky to see the most beautiful photos of this season. Because the altitude is high, many places can see some of it. If you want to see the full view of the snow mountains, you have to come to the SuoSong village in the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon. The snow mountain scenery is unique here. If you want to find the best view and photography location of the snow mountain, it is in the Taoyuan Hotel in the South Peak of Jimei. Their courtyard and fourth floor terrace are the best photo location and viewing point of Nanjabawa, even if we didn't stay at his hotel they were warmly welcomed and guided us around their courtyard, the service was very good, so we stayed at their hotel the next night, The location of this hotel is the best location for the Sousong Village to see the snow mountains, the view is unstoppable, the distance is nearest and very positive, the garden is full of flowers is very beautiful, the most beautiful snow mountains in China is still very worth seeing. Tips: Because Suo Songcun needs to buy tickets in the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, it is not recommended to buy the full ticket. You can buy the big tickets for the scenic spot directly. You can stay in Suo Songcun. It is very convenient to drive directly into the village by yourself. You came to buy the full ticket for the first time and went to the South Bank and felt a little pit. The scenery is the most beautiful in the northern shore of Suo Pine Village (the snowy mountain photo was taken in the Yomi courtyard)."