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Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake

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"Orlando is a highly recommended place to visit Orlando is in the middle of the United States, with a mild climate and very suitable for travel. It has the world-famous Disney Studios and many small lakes, which has an unparalleled status in my mind. Only when I arrived in Orlando did I know what is novel and what is colorful scenery. Disney's Hollywood Studios-the fairy tale castle When you arrive at Disney, it is like walking into a fairy tale castle. Disney's Hollywood Studios will let you walk into a different movie world with many stage plays. Here, you can not only experience the various martial arts in the movie, but also visit the production behind the scenes, and feel that you are a big star and are very popular with tourists. You can find more exciting adventures in 3D4D, which can only be felt in the cinema before. If you bring children, you must go to the Little Disney Theater. My favorite is "Frozen", so how can I miss it? Play time: 3~5 hours Opening hours: 9:00-20:00 Orlando Museum of Art-a treasure house of art I also have a strong interest in Orlando's museums. The museum is located in Loch Park, the scenery is very beautiful, leaving a shadow outside Prove that I have been here. The most attractive thing is its shape design, the cylindrical shape is very distinctive and Q bomb, and the outside is glass windows very unique. The museum is divided into three exhibition halls. Different arts and crafts are displayed in different halls. Friends who love American history can learn more about American history here. Play time: 1~2 hours Opening hours: 10:00-16:00 (not open on Mondays), weekends 12:00-16:00 Sunset Lake-like a rainbow, the surroundings of the Sunset Lake look like the sky colorful at sunset I think it’s because of this that it is called Sunset Lake. When I came to Sunset Lake, I rented a villa with a swimming pool overlooking the lake and a spa. Wild animals can be seen from the balcony or swimming pool, it is so quiet. It happened that my villa was facing the lake, and I could see a wonderful view. It was great to take beautiful photos. Overall, going to Sunset Lake is a good choice. I would definitely consider booking a villa at the same location again and would recommend it wholeheartedly. Play time: 1~2 hours Opening hours: Open all day long Lake Mary Jane-ecological lake Lake Mary Jane is a natural ecological lake in the southeast of Orlando. The lake is very vast and the lake is bluer than the sky. There are a lot of trees planted around the lake, and there is a wooden plank road that leads to the lake. It is great to take a walk on the wooden plank road to admire the scenery of the lake and mountains, and it is very good to go boating in the lake and play some water entertainment activities. The landscape here is the lake I have never seen before. Play time: 1~2 hours Opening hours: Open all day long Evanhoe Lake-the leisure and entertainment lake is surrounded by high-end residential streets, and restaurants and bars are scattered on the opposite side. It is a place hidden in the city center but with a very nice atmosphere. You can enjoy black bass fishing and jet skis by the lake, and there are shops where you can rent jet skis. Walking by the lake, the light reflected by the sun is beautiful, there are many ducks and beautiful palm trees by the lake. My favorite is the carousel mall opposite the Evanhoe Lake, two cool antique shops, the owner is very decent, and the antiques are also top-notch. Remember to bring the antique guide from the Orlando area. Play time: 1~2 hours Opening time: Open all day Orlando is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, Orlando has impressed me deeply! I recommend Orlando to you. If you like taking pictures, it's really worth visiting. If you go, remember to bring beautiful photos and share them with me."