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Xixia MuseumNearby City

Xixia Museum

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"The Xixia Museum is located in the Xixia Wang Mausoleum in Helan, Yinchuan, Ningxia. It is the first special museum in China, which is based on the Xixia Wang Mausoleum and reflects the history of the Xixia in a comprehensive and systematic way. It opened on September 23, 1998 and covers an area of 5300 square meters, with two floors, upper and lower. The 9 exhibition rooms of various types are basically composed of the history of Xixia, the royal tomb of Xixia and the academic research results of Xixia. The museum has two basic exhibitions: Xixia History and Culture Exhibition and Xixia Research Exhibition. There are more than 700 historical relics in Xixia and more than 500 volumes of academic research in Xixia. The Xixia History and Culture Exhibition is divided into the migration of the Party and the rise of Xixia; West Xia politics, law, military; West Xia socioeconomic; West Xia culture; West Xia religion; West Xia Wangling and other six parts. The six exhibitions featured statues of people, heads of Wenchen, small stone horses, carved dragon columns, Karing Funga, Tangka, Xianghua, clay statues of Buddha head, Luohan head and other national first-class cultural relics and Western Xia Wen, Chinese remnants of monuments, Buddhist scriptures, Western Xia porcelain, official seals, Western Xia coins, The building materials of Xixia are matched with large sand pan model, Buddhist pagoda model, miniature landscape, figure statue, Linyi mural, graphic plate, photograph and other auxiliary exhibits. It reveals the connotation of the history and culture of Xixia, and displays the essence of the art of Xixia. People can enjoy the past brilliance and splendor of the West Summer Kingdom. The display was named one of the "10 Boutiques of the 99 Year National Antiquities Exhibition" by the National Bureau of Cultural Relics."