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Huyang IslandNearby City

Huyang Island

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Wuhai Top 4 in Can't Miss Attractions
"It was after the National Day in 2009. The two of us took a bus from Hainan District in Wuhai. We did not go to Huyang Island by special bus. We rented a tricycle at the bus station. The master contacted the island’s ferry to pick us up on the island. People take a boat for fifty yuan to board the island. At that time, most of the tall Populus euphratica leaves had fallen out, and only relatively small leaves still existed. The tall trees with fallen leaves appeared desolate, which added to her sense of mystery; that time has passed. During the tourist season, no one was seen except for an elderly person who was watching the island; Populus euphratica is a small island formed naturally by the siltation of the Yellow River, with a total area of about 600 mu. The island is called "Populus euphratica Island" because of the lush forests of Populus euphratica. Hu Yang Island is surrounded by rivers and water. The island is surrounded by lush trees, flocks of waterfowls, and flowers and plants. From a distance, it looks like jasper on a yellow silk belt. It seems to be in a garden in the south of the Yangtze River. There is also a strange stone museum on the island, displaying various strange stones; a sandy beach silted up on the upper reaches of the island, and a strange stone monument stands on the beach, which reads "Yellow River strange stones"; according to the old man watching the island, someone is here I picked up a strange stone like Chairman Mao on the island, which is of great value; people with destiny can pick up the image stone on the island. This sentence strengthened our confidence in picking the stone, but we finally did not find it. At that time, we were very lucky. I heard from the old people who watched the island say that if a water conservancy hub was built on the lower reaches of the island, Huyang Island would be submerged."