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Amusement Park
Jinjiang Action Park

Jinjiang Action ParkNearby City

4.4/55,725 Reviews
"Amusement Park"
Shanghai Top 7 in Family-Friendly Attractions
Open from 04/01-09/10,9:00am-5:30pm;Open from 09/11-09/20,9:00am-9:30pm;Open from 09/21-09/30,9:00am-5:30pm;Open from 10/09-10/31,9:00am-5:30pm;Open from 11/01-1/24,9:15am-5:00pm;Open from 10/01-10/08,9:00am-9:30pm;Closed from 1/25-1/25;Open from 1/26-3/21,9:15am-5:00pm (Local time)
"You can buy sightseeing tickets under 1 meter, under 6 years old, or over 65 years old. 10 yuan a piece. But if you go in, if you want to play, you have to buy a ticket separately (you must know that any one is more than 20 yuan, and it is definitely not affordable to buy it separately). Children's tickets are 80 yuan to play. Adults have 60 yuan to choose two items (except the Ferris wheel), and 130 yuan to play (except the Ferris wheel). If the child is more than 1 meter 2, many items can be played alone. There are several projects under 1 meter, but they must be accompanied by adults (see the last picture for details, with specific height). If you are more than 1 meter tall, you can also play 5 small projects at the door + rafting (the westernmost side, this is highly recommended, there were a lot of people in the past, and now it is cold and nobody. But random flooding. A rubber boat with 6 seats. Some boat waves come and there is no water, and some boat waves come and all the water comes in. There are 2 seats soaking pants and shoes, and the other 4 are not wet) + merry-go-round + garden train (enter at the left hand side, 5 minutes at a time) +Volcano 4D movie (southwest corner, less than the Ferris wheel, each hour, there are 2 movies in total) + Happy Castle Ocean Ball (the old castle-like house on the right hand side of the door, play for 50 minutes, clearing and disinfection for 10 minutes) + rapids Yongjin (no waist buckle, pull by hand, it is recommended that small children do not play, adults have to pull the front stainless steel bar with one hand when going uphill, and it is too tired to pull the child) + Royal Yoyo (it's too cold) It is recommended not to go). Bumper cars and the like must be more than 1 meter 2, motorcycle disc height 1 meter 3, swing 1 meter 4. There are a few more than 1.4 meters. Shilin Night Market is in the southeast corner, and the price is basically around 20 yuan. Long French fries are good for 18 yuan cheese. The opposite cheese Liuxin (forgotten the full name) seems to be 22 yuan or 20 yuan. There are quite a lot of cheese in it. Don't eat the noodles at Kao Nan, because they are not tasty. There is a family in the north that buys crispy pork. Tomato crispy pork noodles are delicious at 22 yuan, but her crispy pork sells for 20 yuan a portion. It's so honest, but the noodles are delicious, sweet and not greasy, very refreshing soup. Oyster fried and the like feel average. The shaved ice was delicious, but it was cold. There is a bowl of chicken next to it. Many skewers don't cost much. I bought the Yutu Custard Buns today. Alas, it’s not delicious. His pig and pig custard packets are delicious. The Yutu is not made with flour and it is not tasty. Its shaomai is fine, but I think it’s the one that sells crispy meat according to the cost performance. Home's tomato crispy pork noodles are more cost-effective (if you want more boxes, you have to pay extra). Stinky tofu I think the southern shop is average, the stinky tofu opposite to the long fries is delicious (then you buy stinky tofu and you get kimchi, which is good and refreshing). The ice powder has a fruit accessory that is not so fresh. Watching a 4D dinosaur movie today, I ran into a lady who kept cursing for a few minutes, not to mention that my mother kicked her on the stool. My mother explained to her that she really didn't kick you on the stool. It was a special effect in the movie. She even scolded my mother. I asked my mother to sit on the side seat, and then I explained to the lady that the 4D movie would shake and spray the stool. She continued to insult my mother loudly for a few minutes. I had no choice but to find the staff, who explained to her after the movie. She knew that she had scolded the wrong person and did not apologize. Put her on the main picture and draw a circle. So angry, I was scolded for a few minutes for some reason."
Shanghai Great World

Shanghai Great WorldNearby City

4.3/51,699 Reviews
"Amusement Park"
Open on Mon-Tue,Thu-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm;Closed on Wed (Local time)
"The Shanghai Great World is the paradise of Shanghai people's childhood memories. It embodies the cultural changes in Shanghai and was once a landmark of Shanghai. This time the Shanghai World’s "Mid-Autumn National Day is a tradition", I decided to go with my family. As soon as you step into the gate, the childhood scene reappears. The 12 haha mirrors in the old place, no matter the old or young visitors, all of them seem to have returned to their childhood. The warmth and laughter of generations of Shanghainese are in the mirror. As a classic memory of the big world, these haha mirrors will be over 100 years old next year. The atrium cloister and the large stage constitute a unique architectural style, winding and staggered, connecting up and down. The corridor can directly watch the performance of the large stage. The classic large stage, acrobatics, folk art, singing and dancing group art and other traditional cultural programs will take turns here. Staged. On the 2nd floor, the opera tea house and interactive intangible cultural heritage pavilion and "intangible cultural heritage protection pavilion", "intangible cultural heritage protection pavilion", the intangible cultural heritage boutique display are surrounded by boutique physical display windows, which combine physical exhibitions and text explanations. Displays, intangible cultural heritage resources, and conservation and inheritance achievements in recent years, corridors are filled with lanterns of non-legacy elements, which are very suitable for taking pictures. The corridor on the 3rd floor is very distinctive, with beautiful stained glass doors and windows, Big World News, Big World News, which previewed many operas when it was founded, the Internet celebrity punch-in reappearance, the machine horse race, the Great World Internet celebrity punch-in mecca of the year, quite popular in Shanghai People’s welcome is not only in line with the taste of the city, but also implies the pride of the west. Intangible cultural heritage exhibitions: sugar blowing people, dough sculptures, sugar painting people, and many interesting interactions of intangible heritage are all memories of our childhood. We have to sigh the craftsman’s exquisite craftsmanship. . The non-heritage themed area, full of Chinese style, is super suitable for taking pictures and clocking in on the 4th floor to meet 1978. It goes back to the old times of Shanghai life scenes and reproduces the scenes of the 1970s and 1980s. I walked around with familiar memories and scenes from my childhood. Watching various intangible cultural heritage works, experiencing the effects of technological development, sitting in the theater, admiring the unique style of the actors, collecting various materials, and taking a leisurely morning to benefit a lot! Due to the epidemic, the intangible cultural heritage food city has not yet been opened to the public, so it can be solved at the food street of Yunnan South Road next door~ Ticket price: adult ticket is 60 yuan/person, and discount tickets can be bought online and it is much cheaper, 19.9 yuan/person ." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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