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Water Park
Shangyin Shenghuoshui World

Shangyin Shenghuoshui WorldNearby City

4.4/578 Reviews
"Water Park"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"I came once during non-weekend days. I must come in the morning. There were not many people. The places to eat at noon began to increase. The overall feeling here is good, there are not many pools where you can take a bath, and you mainly wear swimsuits to the water park. There are swimming pools and play pools, and there are different temperature pools. There is a honeysuckle pond in one corner. It feels very healthy [smile] The park is 19.9 yuan an hour, and I just came out to eat in the morning. There are plenty of choices to eat, including small seafood hot pot, Japanese-style skewers, sushi rolls, dry pot, Korean ramen, and stone pot rice. I took my parents and ordered a slice of fish head with chopped pepper, dried pot of seasonal vegetables and pickled tuk fresh soup. The taste is not as good as that of big restaurants, but it is ok. The price of dried pot is low, and the others are ok, but only dried pot There is white rice 🍚 and it’s only a must order, and a portion starts at 70 yuan. The rest area feels more than anywhere else, the crowd is scattered, and it is relatively empty. The movie theater is hidden in a corner of the rest area, and the movie is played when there are more people. There are also family suites for karaoke, and the game room area that young people like to play is mainly for entertainment. The Museum of Broken Relationships was just a gimmick. It set up an empty scene and took a theme name, which was meaningless. There are many people in the family, and different needs can be met. The main water park can be enjoyed together, unlike other hot springs, after separately soaking in the pool, relax together. It depends on personal preference."
Playa Maya

Playa MayaNearby City

4.6/512,165 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"⛰[Attraction Guide] 📍Detailed address: No.888 Linhu Road, Sheshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai 🚗Traffic strategy: From the city, you can take Metro Line 9 and get off at Sheshan Station. You can change to the free shuttle bus to Water Park to go directly to the main entrance of Water Park. Every shift is 10-15 minutes apart. At the Songjiang 19 bus terminal in the Shanghai Happy Valley parking lot, you can also take a free shuttle bus to the main entrance of the water park. 🕙Opening time: From June 20, 2020... 💰Ticket price: Shanghai Maya Beach Water Park tickets are 180 yuan. 🌟Highlights: Double-track water roller coaster Hornet Bumblebee can be said to be my first project. I feel that I have never played a similar project in other water parks before. This feels like a roller coaster. The advantage is that there is no sense of weightlessness in playing this project, because the main thing people play is "speed and passion", and that speed is really fast. This project is very suitable for couples or two girlfriends to play together. The boat can be seated together. It is recommended to sit in the front of the boat and sit in the back for the lighter ones. It is best to play this for the first project, because in the afternoon there are so many people who line up to play. Adventure floating raft big octopus slide The big octopus slide is a very exciting project. You need to bring hand guards up, and then you have to take the board yourself. If you have swimming goggles, you can use it in this project. Otherwise, you will feel yourself open in the water of the slide. Do not open your eyes. I think playing this is really challenging, because when you come down, it is not the staff pushing you down, but you! The whole process is to control the control panel by yourself, start by yourself, and think about it, I feel exciting. 23m diameter super loudspeaker The hurricane eye and the big horn are actually the same project. The difference is two points and one is the name (nonsense!), but the height of the hurricane eye is much higher than the big horn, and even the rebound distance is higher than the big horn, which is exciting The degree is much higher than that of big speakers. So, if there are a lot of people in the big horn line, you might as well go to the eye of the hurricane. By the way, the behemoth bowl next to the eye of the hurricane is not particularly exciting, it belongs to the kind that you can play when you are bored. Many people think that deep sea pythons are more exciting than big horns, but as a master, I can only say that it is so-so! The main feature of this project is that it will go around, focusing on fast speed, which is the feeling of ups and downs, which is not bad. It's called Speed Anaconda, which is somewhat similar to the Deep Sea Anaconda, but the level of excitement is comparable to that of all the previous items. It is really No.1. It can be called a water jumping machine. Those who dare to play can only say that they admire it. I don’t want to introduce many other projects. Compared with other parks, they are all the same. I think these are more distinctive. 📌Tips: Slippers should also be cheap ones. If they are accidentally worn by someone, they won’t feel distressed🤐" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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