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Theme Park
Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland

Xiamen Fantawild DreamlandNearby City

4.7/57,325 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 2 reviews
"Theme Park"
Xiamen Top 2 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open on Mon-Fri,10:00am-5:30pm;Open on Sat-Sun,9:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"This theme park is absolutely amazing, as soon as you enter you will be greeted by a giant majestic water fountain. There are sections for which part of the park so there are separate ticketing queues. there is three parts of it a water park part a amusement park part and an oriental theater part. The water park contained lots of water slides and a playground for children that is filled with water, slides, and water sprinters. There was a okay selection of slides but i wouldn’t complain the fact that there is three parts. There was an area where there was a large pool where everyone can swim. Every 45 minutes the lifeguards put on waves into the water to make it more amusing like your actually in the ocean. The oriental theater was not just one theater but many. The buildings are designed to look like ancient majestic Chinese buildings. The reason is because most of the theaters show animated ancient Chinese stories. There was also a few parts that showcases animated kids short movies. There is also a drop tower in the middle of the oriental theater section. It is inside a tall Chinese style building. Left of it you can also enter the water park part. I didn’t get to check out the theme park section sadly because we ran out of time. But it was absolutely fantastic it is my favorite theme park in China. It definitely deserves 5/5."
Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage

Xiamen Fantawild Oriental HeritageNearby City

4.9/54,363 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Xiamen Top 2 in Family-Friendly Attractions
Open on Mon-Fri,10:00am-5:30pm;Open on Sat-Sun,9:30am-6:00pm;Open from 2/12-2/28,9:30am-9:00pm (Local time)
"Because of the epidemic, we can't go back to Beijing for the New Year, think of the temple fair when we were young, feel how Nanpiao is a kind of experience, want to take the children to play, the public found Fant, there are two areas, we chose the Oriental myth, no disappointment. Standard ticket 299 yuan / person, stay in the building exclusive ticket 199 yuan / person, during the New Year, we caught the program, the light meeting, you can play until 9 pm, it is really very cool to play! Stinky tofu must eat! Especially delicious! The concept is very big, we rent a car, 150 for two for a whole day, 200 for three, and there are colored lights at night. In addition to the feast of flower lights, Xiamen Fantawild also specially offered a traditional painting collection, revisit the classic customs, awaken the original lively and warm Chinese year flavor. The New Year painting originated from ancient gate god painting, and the gate god painting as early as the pupa period. During the Spring Festival, there will be a theme exhibition area, visitors can see the god of the axe, Zhong Ling blessing, razor gate god, Xiangyun gate god and the cute and cute New Year painting dolls. In the annual painting gallery, visitors can also understand the evolution of traditional annual painting, close-up viewing of the three-star map of Fulu Shou, Tianguan blessing map, Meng Mengjiaozi, white snake painting and other characteristics of the New Year. There are also carefully created photo punching points for the annual painting, so that visitors can take this "year flavor" home. "The traditional New Year painting reminds me of many memories of my childhood," said XXX, a migrant worker in Xiamen, smiling, like a fat doll with a longevity peach, red salmon, a longevity peach symbol of longevity and health, the elderly people are very fond of. It is worth mentioning that the theme park of Xiamen Fangte Oriental God Paintings integrates the Chinese excellent traditional history and culture in modern science and technology such as VR,MR,AR,including the largest holographic AR Theater performance project "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", International top-level ball screen three-dimensional cinema "Cow Lang Zhinv", large-scale MR ride project "Nv Xu Butian", feature project charm drama "Pear Garden Travel" and other 24 major theme projects, can let visitors to the multi-dimensional feeling of China 5,000 years of civilization. Spring Festival parent-child trip to Xiamen Fantasy is a great choice. Through the close-up immersion experience, can let the children deepen the understanding and love of traditional culture."
Xiamen Fantawild Resort

Xiamen Fantawild ResortNearby City

4.7/5164 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Finally decided to stay in Xiamen New Year, so the family decided to go to Fantawild Day Tour, Xiamen Fantawild has dream kingdom, Oriental God painting, water park three theme parks. The best of the Oriental God paintings is the new interpretation of ancient Chinese culture by modern high-tech means and the dreamy experience of high-tech interaction. Usually standard ticket 299 yuan / person, I heard that the exclusive ticket for Liuxia 199 yuan / person 2021.2.12-2.28 (16:00-21:00), it is too cost-effective to say go, buy a good ticket into the Oriental God painting through the entrance of the Fantawild town, it is easy to see the Oriental God painting's several large indoor projects, which is the roaring sea, through the Flame Mountain, The Cowherd Weaver, the Nuwa Tin, are all projects that combine the storytelling and scene experience, suitable for parents and children to watch together, very interesting and immersive. By the way, the door was full of flower lights amazing, too ritual feeling, the pro-New Year not to feel it is a pity, we came. When the whole night when the flower lights on, beautiful to every lamp want to take a photo, in short, too beautiful too beautiful. In addition to a slightly exciting tower of the Shenzhou, do not look at its appearance is a common like the tower of Leifeng, is actually a new indoor jumper, and with the white snake classic scene, such a jumper can be tried without loss. Rest enough words immediately take the baby to the children's area. Located behind the nv's bridal side, here can be a place to take the baby parents to save their hearts, there are many children play projects here, mini roller coaster wave train. Mini jumper small jump frog, mini Ferris wheel parent-child Ferris wheel... All the projects are small, children do not play too happy. After playing hurriedly swallowed a meal to start the next journey, the interactive experience theater version of bears in the theater, only in the Fonte Park can see, this project is believed to be the favorite of every small friends. Other exciting projects such as hurricane chairs, flying high, famous wooden roller coasters jungle dragons, children can not play, there is a height limit, but mom and dad like to play it all over. Xiamen Fangte Oriental God painting can really go through, not only can feel the charm of technology, but also understand the Chinese historical and cultural treasures, next time experience other parks." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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