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National Park
Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National ParkNearby City

"National Park"
"After the tour guide bought the ticket at the ticket office, the car moved on and stopped at the pier of the glacier. After going to the bathroom in a long line, we took a boat at the pier to the rocky beach, and someone went out in a canoe. It is difficult to advance on the slippery, rugged rocky beach, uphill, downhill, crossing the suspension bridge, walking the single-plank bridge, and finally reached the equipment place. Putting on "spike shoes" and tying everyone with a rope, we headed towards the glacier under the leadership of the Nepalese guide. Glacier hiking is only open from July to September. The glacier looks blue and white from a distance, and it is mixed with dark brown mud when seen up close. To prevent slipping, we need to step on it vigorously. The guide opened the way in front, we climbed up step by step and saw the hollow ice layer due to melting, and the "blue hole" with white and blue underneath and flowing water. Looking down from a high place is a blue-green glacier with ice floes, and looking up is a crowd lined up like ants. After 30 minutes of taking various photos on it, the unforgettable glacier hike is over. Back on the same route, wash your hands in the glacier (it is cold because there is no water in the bathroom), and get on the bus after a simple lunch. The car passed the glacier when it came in, and drove into the fjord area. Once again, we saw the blue water between the emerald green mountains." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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