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Greater Khingan Range

Greater Khingan RangeNearby City

"When it comes to winter, time in the northern hemisphere is basically uniform. However, the real winter may only appear outside the Great Wall. The beauty of this winter is also what many people expect. Because winter is not only "cold", winter has its unique beauty. Hulunbuir, who has never been in winter, why do you talk about winter with others? This is true. If you have not been to Hulunbuir in winter, it is really difficult to make it clear, what is cold? What is the beauty of winter! The beauty in winter in the north is the most beautiful, but the rime of Xing'an. If you have not been to the north in winter, you can't experience this pure beauty, this kind of coexistence of steel and soft beauty, only in Daxinganling, only in Hulunbuir! The rime of Daxinganling has its own personality. The rime formed on the basis of a variety of vegetation can be masculine and upright, or feminine and beautiful, with various poses and various poses. Rime, ice flowers formed by condensation of water vapor. "Rime" is commonly known as tree hanging. In cold weather, countless unfrozen fog droplets below zero degrees Celsius drift in the wind. When they encounter branches and other objects below zero degrees Celsius, they accumulate, freeze and become white loose ice crystals again. In the early morning, the rime of the Greater Khingan Mountains in Inner Mongolia gleams with the sun, like a beautiful crystal palace, and the willows are hanging down with ice flowers, like a girl wearing a white and flawless wedding dress." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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