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Red Army Long March Hadapu Memorial HallNearby City

Red Army Long March Hadapu Memorial Hall

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"Memorial Hall"
"Hadapu Red Army Long March Memorial Hall, located in the town of Hadapu on the national highway 212 line. From September 1935 to October 1936, the great Red Army of China, the Red Army of the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red Army of China, the Red The Red Army of the Second and Fourth Army launched the "Chenghui Liangkang" campaign and the "Xiangxi Gu" campaign plan in Hadapu in the following year, and carried out the work of building government in the Red Army. Hadapu is the "big decision-making place" that decides the fate of the Red Army Long March, and is the "gas station" that is really the name on the Long March. The Hadapu Long March Memorial Hall is a "national patriotism education demonstration base" and "the site experience teaching point of Yan'an Cadre College of China". The five sites are "the national key cultural relics protection unit". The scenic area is one of the 100 scenic spots of the "red tourism" in the country. The Red Army Long March Street of Hadapu was selected as the top 16. At the same time, it was also the model base of patriotism education, the model base of national defense education and the practice base of Party sex education for Party members and cadres in Gansu province. After years of construction and development, the Hadapu Memorial Hall of the Red Army Long March has become an important classroom for promoting the spirit of the Long March, spreading positive energy and promoting the practice of the core values of socialism."
Memorial of Eighth Route Army OfficeNearby City

Memorial of Eighth Route Army Office

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"Memorial Hall"
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"The Eighth Route Army Lanzhou Office Memorial Hall is located in 314 Jiuquan Road, Lanzhou City, is based on the site of the only revolutionary memorial hall in Lanzhou City, the courtyard each house is wooden board core antique doors and windows, the three courtyards, blue brick room ridge, typical Lanzhou residential style. The Eighth Route Army office in Ganzhou (later renamed the National Revolutionary Army 18 Group Army office) was established by our Party in Lanzhou, the Kuomintang-ruled area during the Anti-Japanese War. Due to historical reasons, the office has two sites of activity in Lanzhou. In 1937 5, the party Central Committee dispatched 7 comrades such as Zhang Wenbin, Penggaren and Zhu Ryosai to Lan to prepare for the establishment of the Red Army Liaison Office, and the location was located at 54 Nantan Street (current mutual aid lane 2). With the development of the domestic revolution and the establishment of the second cooperation of the country, the official name of the office was' the eighth army garrison ', and it was moved to the tsuruyu Ji Temple 32 (present sakusenji road 185) in 1938 2, and it was withdrawn to Yanan by the order of the central party in 1943 11. Under extremely difficult and difficult conditions, the Eighth Route Army Office in Gansu, under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Party and the representative of Comrade Mao Zedong, Xie Jue-ching, the first Chief of the Army, Penggaren, and the second Chief of the Army, has persisted in fighting for more than six years, and has accomplished all the tasks entrusted to it by the Party with outstanding success: Propaganda and establishment of the Party's anti-Japanese national united front; Organize and promote the development of the anti-Japanese rescue movement in Gansu; actively rescue and shelter the Red West Road soldiers and soldiers scattered in the Gansu and Qingdao regions; transport large numbers of progressive youth to Yan'an to join the revolution; Assist and guide Gansu Working Committee to expand the Party's underground organization; at the same time, it also undertakes the reception tasks of Party cadres to and from the Soviet Union and Xinjiang and the transfer of materials before the anti-Japanese branch. The only place in Lanzhou where dozens of veteran revolutionaries, including the leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, the international friend Okanoi, Aria Khan, and Lee De, lived, such as Zhou Enlai, Ren Tong, Wang Jiaxiang, Li Xiannian, Deng Yingchao, Xu Guangda, Mao Zemin, and so on. The beloved Comrade Zhou Enlai is praised as "the reception station of the revolution, the command post of the battle"."