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QiancengheNearby City

"Qianchuanghe Scenic Area belongs to Langao County, Ankang City. Starting from Langao County, follow the navigation instructions, about 60 kilometers, you can reach the entrance of the scenic spot. The trails in the scenic area are along the creek, and the creek has a large water flow, good water quality, and good vegetation, so the scenery is beautiful, and it is among the best in Shaanxi ①The scenic spots characterized by canyons or ditch. The trail is very well built, and it is basically hydrophilic along the way. In some places, the road down to the river was built naturally, which seems to be formed naturally. On the side of the trail, there is a sign that is not too far away, telling some knowledge points, or the characteristics of the current section. Here is a section of yew with a characteristic of yew. You can find several trees on the roadside, but you don’t see red beans. It may be due to the fact that during the epidemic period and the journey is a bit far away, there are not many tourists in the scenic spot, but this is the time I came to Langao scenic spot to meet tourists, and I was still a little happy. There is a paper factory site in the scenic area, but unfortunately nothing was seen. It is recommended to go up when going up the mountain, you can take a good look at the scenery of the small waterfall along the way. After reaching the end, walk back about 1 kilometer. There is a pavilion. Cross the river from the pavilion. You can see the parking spot for electric vehicles on the side of the road. There is a mobile phone signal and you can call the battery car. You can return to the entrance of the scenic spot with a ticket price of 10 yuan. [Attraction Guide] Detailed address: Chengguan Town, Langao County, about 60 kilometers away from Langao County. Transportation Guide: Self-driving. The slope in the scenic area is very small, suitable for walking. Opening hours: open all year round, especially suitable for playing in summer. cool. Ticket price: RMB 80. Highlights: Rich water views, many waterfalls, green mountains and green water, small slope, suitable for walking, and good views. cool. A good place to escape the heat. Small Tips: After navigating from Langao County to the scenic area, continue along the mountain road for half an hour to reach the Shentian Grassland. No need to follow the recommended route for navigation. The recommended route for navigation is too far. There is no food for sale in the scenic area. It is recommended to bring some food and drink at the door." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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