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About Aershan

Arxan City is located in the northwestern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Hinggan League. It is also called “Halun Arxan," which is Mongolian for “hot holy waters.” The world's largest group of hot springs has been flowing here for centuries. Arxan is a lush natural oxygen bar and an excellent place for leisure, vacation and recuperation. Located in the Arxan Hot Springs National Geopark, the China Hot Springs Museum combines magical lakes, the Arxan hot springs, volcanoes, ice and snow, along with many of the world's largest potable bathing hot springs. The group of hot springs—all of which are natural—are not artificially excavated, which makes it a wonderfully special place.

Popular Attractions in Aershan

Arxan National Forest Park
3,677 Reviews
Arxan National Forest Park is located in the forest of the Greater Khingan Range. The park houses Terme Mountain and Darbin Lake, along with Shitanglin and Heavenly Lake, which were formed by lava flows during volcanic eruptions. Its mineral resources are particularly beneficial and are known as "the world's wonderful springs." The Halaha River, Chai River and YiMin River zig-zags through the area, with many lakes in between. Entering the park, visitors are greeted by a large canyon. The main body of the canyon is a fault line of volcanic lava, and is also the source of the Chai River.
442 Reviews
Arxan Mountain is in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Although it is called a mountain, it is really a border tourist town. It spans the foothills of the southwestern Greater Khingan Mountains and is surrounded by Hulun Buir Grassland, Xilin Gol Grassland, Mongolian Grassland and Horqin Grassland. The grassland creates a natural oxygen bar. The location was also the set of the film "Night Banquet." It is a great place to escape the summer heat and enjoy the view of winter snow.
Duju Lake
132 Reviews
Orenbukan Scenic Area
137 Reviews

Aershan Weather

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Trip Moments

Milan Prince   
Although the Tianchi and Santanxia lines are a line, the first stop is still to return to the service area, do not get off! The name of Santanxia is a bit of a source. It originates from the three pools in the canyon. It runs along the plank road for about 40 minutes. The three pools are in front of the Wo Niu Tan. The river is stable, and the big and small cows in the lake are placed in the river. The huge herd is quiet in the river; Hu Shitan - above the calm pool, the river is covered with huge rocks of different shapes, like a group of tigers playing in the river; Yuexintan is the end of the canyon, the ground is suddenly bright The river surface is widened, the pool is transparent, and the bottom is clear. In the late autumn, the coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests on both sides of the strait are purple and red, and the reflections are in the green river and the scenery is pleasant. Personally feel that all the way down, the scenery of Santanxia is better than Tianchi, especially the one just going down! There is an immersive beauty, after all, the Tianchi is too single! The content of negative oxygen ions in the Santan Gorge is extremely high, and it is particularly pleasant to swim inside, but the clear stream and the spring waterfall are buzzing, which is very interesting. The scenery in the canyon is beautiful and pleasant, especially like a paradise. The beautiful scenery between the three pools has its own merits, and the pool is clear and transparent, and many small fish can be seen swimming. There are ancient poems praised "the magical Qingxiu Santanxia, clear water and winding the cliffs."
Posted: Oct 15, 2019
Milan Prince   
Into the dense woods, there are many strange trees and strange woods, but also brother trees, sister trees, and the centuries-old Xing'an pine! The Daxinganling area is rich in medicinal materials. Of course, there are life-savings. You can often see some red mushrooms and some weird and strange plants. Those who pass by say that some people can put down a cow in an instant, so dont Pick it up! From time to time, I met a few little squirrels, which are so cute, and the forests that come and go every day, as long as they are given to them, are not afraid of people. Rong Er began to ask: "You are Qiqi or Titi!" But don't rely too close, don't expect to catch them, you will scare away, just watch them quietly and eat them! ! When you come out, you will see a stone monument: the source of the Haraha River, the Haraha River, also known as the Harlein River, the meaning of the Halaha Mongolian as the barrier, part of the Haraha River The river section is the boundary river between China and Mongolia. The last inflow is the Bell Lake, and then it turns back into the Hulun Lake. Therefore, the river is called the patriotic river. There is also a river basin in the Nomenham ruins that passed the road from Manchuria the day before! Santan Gorge is located on the upper reaches of the Haraha River! There is also a saying that the Haraha River originates from the Aershan Pine Leaf Lake! Continue to take the bus to the ground pool. The ground pool is located on a mountain of more than 1,000 meters. It is also a crater lake formed by the volcanic lava cooling contraction and depression. The water surface is lower than the ground plane. name. The ground pool is the only depression lake in the volcanic lakes of Aershan, which is below the ground level. It belongs to the typical Malang Lake, the third in the world and the second largest in China. The pool bank of the ground pool is steep block basalt. The water surface at the bottom of the pool changes with the seasons. It is like a blue moon mirror set in a dense original secondary forest. The scenery is very beautiful. People call it the fairy pool. I have heard this and then witnessed it. It is really disappointing. There is no scenery at all. You dont have to take a lap, just go out! ! So this line, I think it is enough to go to a Santan Gorge! !
Posted: Oct 15, 2019