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Popular Attractions in Aichi

Nagoya Castle
825 Reviews
Historic Town
Also known as Kinjo, Nagoya Castle is a landmark of Nagoya which joins Osaka Castle and Kumamoto Castle as one of the "Three Famous Castles" in Japan. Visitors can take an elevator up to the top floor of the main keep for views over the surrounding streets. In addition to a large variety of historical relics, the castle also features a large number of models, scenes, and games to entertain visitors.
Nagoya City Science Museum
97 Reviews
Science & Technology Museum
The Nagoya City Science Museum is located in Shirakawa Park. It is a comprehensive science museum offering an exploration of technology, biology and the cosmos through fun and learning. The museum's main building is the Science and Technology Building, exhibiting new achievements in technology, marine and space sciences, meteorology and more. The Astronomy Building houses the largest planetarium in Japan. The Life Science Building introduces new developments within the biological sciences.
LEGOLAND Japan Resort
1,159 Reviews
Theme Park
Opened on April 1, 2017, in Nagoya, Japan, LEGOLAND Japan boasts a wide variety of attractions and performances for all to enjoy. Faced with a multitude of spectacularly large figures made of Lego, snap-happy visitors cannot help but take photos and marvel over the magic of the small bricks. Very characteristically Lego in all aspects, both adults and children are bound to be entertained here.
Atsuta Jingu
488 Reviews
Atsuta Jingu is one of the oldest shrines in Japan, best known for its sacred sword Kusanagi-no-tsurugi (replica), a symbol of Imperial power. It is ranked second only to the Grand Shrine of Ise and is one of Japan's three great shrines. The main hall of Atsuta Jingu enshrines the "Five Great Gods of Atsuta", including Yamatotakeru-no-Mikoto, Miyasuhime-no-Mikoto, Amaterasu-Oomikami, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, and Takeinadane-no-Mikoto, all of whom have been highly regarded throughout Japanese history and are worshipped by the people. Generations of Japanese rulers have used various forms to express their respect for the shrine, with Toyotomi Hideoyoshi and Tokgawa Ieyasu both having supported extensive repair work on the shrine. In recent years, the Emperor and Empress of Japan have also visited the site.

Trip Moments

The couple's holy land, Yiliang Lake, and the romantic seaside lighthouse

have found a small and fresh place to go. Before watching the sunrise on the sea, I have a magical place in Aichi, Yiliang Lake. Yiliang Lake is located at the front end of the Meimei Peninsula, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Ise Bay and Sanhe Bay. The Meimei Peninsula separates the Pacific Ocean from Ise Bay. The tip of the peninsula is called Yiliang Lake.
seaside walk, is the sacred place of lovers, here is the "clock that swears forever to love", as well as the "pray lock" written on the wish and the "four-leaf clover" symbolizing romance, suitable for confession! A really small minority travels! The strait, the white lighthouse, the four-leaf clover and the wishing card, these elements are combined, as if they have entered a romantic Japanese drama, really a good place to take pictures.
The white lighthouse standing at the forefront is a symbol of the Yiliang Lake. If you look at Yukio Mishima's work "Tide", you can feel the stage Shendao more deeply. The sea beats the reef and makes my favorite buzz. When I hear it, my heart feels calm and peaceful.
A few fishing boats drifted along the Pacific Ocean. There are promenades near the lighthouse. The endless blue sky and white lighthouse in front of each other are like a beautiful picture. On a good day, when the sun sets, there is a soft and romantic atmosphere. This solemn feeling will be deeply imprinted in the memory of tourists, so it was selected as the "50 Lighthouse of Japan".

Ira Lake is also a good place for bird watching. In spring and summer, the ash is here to inhabit and prepare for the fall of Nandu. From late September to early October, about 5,000 Only the ashes spread their wings and flew south, and the scene was spectacular. Even if you don't see this spectacular scene when you come, it's fine. With this sea and sky as the background, no matter how you shoot, it is a sense of sight.
You can also rent bicycles at the visitor center. You can charge them by the hour or by the day. It is not expensive and you can enjoy it. There is no need to worry about taking a lot of tourists when you are taking pictures. You can enjoy the concave shape here. Only the waves and the lighthouse accompany you, and the seabirds that are resting next to you, like the locals living here. Enjoy the wonderful sea view.
Posted: Jun 17, 2019
Japanese blueberry picking experience This taste is too good
Japanese orchard picking is very distinctive, June to August is a good time for blueberries. It takes only 30 minutes to drive from Nagoya to "Blueberry Farm Okazaki", where more than 40 kinds of blueberries are grown, and a variety of desserts using blueberries are also available. I was able to sell 2,000 cups of blueberries in a summer. The cup is attracted, it is said that this is a place where you can fully taste the blueberries.
Blueberry is rich in anthocyanins, very nutritious, can enhance vision, prevent eye fatigue, blueberries here are original, do not fight drugs, so you can pick and eat while eating, but also because they do not fight pesticides There will be a lot of small bugs. It is recommended to wear long sleeves to properly block some small bugs. ~
Less fruits have turned from light green to dark blue, and a bunch of fruits are crystal clear and extraordinarily attractive. When the blueberry fruit matures, the color is purple, and the trees are pink and light blue. We are careful when we pick them up, for fear of accidentally injuring these unfinished elves.
Where can be the background wall for girls to take pictures, and when they are enough, they will be combined with blueberries. Inexplicably, they feel like they are in a French farm. Look at the basket full of blueberry fruits. It is quite a sense of accomplishment.
We tasted the cheesecake and blueberry pizza made by the owner in this blueberry garden in Okazaki. It is not sweet at all. It may be the sweet and sour taste of blueberries and the sweetness of the cake. Unspeakable delicious! Traveling to Japan during the summer vacation, you can make an appointment in advance, and the fun of doing your own work is beyond words.
The price of fruit in Japan is very high, and it is easy to eat in this unscrupulously. If you feel that you still have something to do, you can buy some blueberry jam and bring it back. I don't know if I can make a blueberry pizza at home. Anyway, I can't forget this taste.
Posted: Jun 17, 2019