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Things To Do in Alashanzuoqi

Tonghu Grassland
530 Reviews
fionchen1979Tonghu grassland is located in the Tengger Desert hinterland at the junction of Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. It is composed of various lakes and camel hills rising from desert steppes. Under the nature's creation, they are both independent and harmonious combination, charm and beautiful. Tonghu grassland is the ancient silk North Road fortress, but also retains ancient commercial road, salt road, Dashengkui ancient camel road, you can see the sand hill rock paintings left in the year, ancient trading city sites. Here is also the film "The Riling" shooting site, the Riling Inn is the set of the studio to rebuild. Adjacent to Shapotou, it is called the "back garden of Shapotou", but it is vaster than Shapotou, with grassland, desert, lake water forming natural beauty, fresh air, flocks of cattle and sheep, and white yurts merge into a fascinating picture.
Tenggeli Desert Research Base
27 Reviews
Expansion training Base
我这个小机灵鬼儿Today’s wind is the messenger of autumn|same as sugar-fried chestnuts|I am also limited to autumn [Meng Meng Da R] The best decision to go to Zhongwei this time is to book the project experience of Tengri Research Base Camp, and the customer service does not every time Annoyingly answering my question, the leader is also very warm, a handsome veteran or a special soldier. Take care of everyone in every possible way, not comparable to a cold group tour. After dinner, if you stay at the base camp, you can also participate in the campfire party, which is free. Jumping into the desert in the desert, hey. [Secretly Observing R] Sitting in a desert behemoth surfing car across the sand dunes, an afternoon tea with both appearance and taste online, the moment I stay for the sunset is the beautiful moment of sinking. Candlelight dinner, raise the goblet, shake your romance with the music, the most beautiful love words come from the desert... Looking up is the bright galaxy within reach. 🍴Meals: The candlelight dinner menu has a fixed menu. Or there is a barbecue option [like R] 💰 Per capita consumption: 520 yuan per person ❤️The package is very cost-effective (desert surf car + camel ride + self-driving motorcycle + sand boarding + afternoon tea + romantic candlelight dinner 💃) The package is from 2 people Order it. 🏠Accommodation: There are two types of accommodation: 1. An RV is 880 yuan, with three beds in it, you can take a bath, and a separate bathroom. 2. A Moroccan tent has two 1.2m mattresses in a 498 yuan. It is a public bathroom 🔔For reservations, you can contact any of the staff of [Tengger Research and Learning Base Camp]. Address: For self-driving, you can drive directly from the navigation search of Tengger Research and Learning Base. If you are not self-driving, you can contact the staff to arrange a pick-up in Zhongwei City. 📌Practical tips: You don’t need tickets to come to the Tengger Desert, but each experience item needs to be charged separately. In order to avoid trouble, you can directly choose the project package. There are also some free entertainment facilities, such as swinging, boating, seesaw, if A group of friends can also play desert volleyball here. There are many ways to play. ❗️There is a big temperature difference between day and night in the desert, so you must bring a thick coat. The staff will also prepare military cotton coats for everyone to keep warm. 💃Girls go to the desert to take pictures and wear bright clothes as much as possible, such as red veil, red dress, red can get upset. 👒Be sure to pay attention to sun protection, physical sun protection is the best. The desert is dry and needs plenty of water and fruit. 🔎: There are a lot of people making reservations, so make sure to book in advance. But the staff will arrange the location of each table far away, and it feels like it has contracted the entire desert. 🍷: The meal does not include red wine, but if you are a couple, it is your close lover, your best friend, your good brother, your family, etc. The staff will take the initiative to deliver a bottle of locally produced red wine. Don't ask, ask is to send. Very ritual! 🌌: If the weather is good, you can see the sky full of stars after dark. This is also a treasure spot for stargazing. The evening breeze is lightly stepping on the clouds, the moon is selling happiness, sleeping in the starry sky all night.
West Dreamy Valley
24 Reviews
Geological Sites
蓝天的心A great attraction, the ticket price is reasonable, except that the distance is too far. The scenery of the canyon is very good, the color is brighter than Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon. Even if you don't take a battery car, walking back and forth, the distance and intensity are more acceptable. Some of the scenic spots in the canyon are also very good, such as the statue of David, the angel's kiss, etc., need more publicity to let more tourists know that China also has such a beautiful Grand Canyon!
Yanfu Temple (The North Temple) Tourist Area
22 Reviews
天边的海999When Fuyin Temple went. Tickets for the scenic spot are 70 yuan, and the sightseeing car is 30 yuan. The scenery on the mountain is still ok, the air is very fresh, and there are few tourists. The statue is vivid and distinctive. very nice
Tengger Desert
262 Reviews
TaleTellTengger, in the Mongolian word for "sky," it really, like heaven, did not go deep into its heartland, really can not feel its beauty. The cross-country driving sand flushing enough, this time opted for a hike. Four days three nights, one night in Alxa town hotel, two days tent. Tengger, it's testing your willpower. If you're just doing a blockbuster and feeling the desert, don't go on this line, you can choose to cross it. Because the hike is really sad. . . Tengger's highest dunes can be a hundred or two meters high and it's rolling. "It is the same as flipping through mountains. But walking in the sand is completely different from walking in a solid place. The desert is one kilometer, and it can even be two or three kilometers above the flat ground. It is the true interior of the desert, so the sand is very dry." That means that every foot will be deeply trapped... Three days of intensive walking, a total of 65km of desert. Accommodation at night is more painful, setting up tents in the temporary place of nomads, which means that there is actually cow and horse dung 😄 and there is basically no signal in the hinterland. Every time we go to the highest point, and then wait for the wind to blow, pick up a little signal ~ from 4g to 2g. After the sandstorm and the shower, there are animals and oasis, the mosquitoes are so scary that you imagine, go over, go all the way, The pants are covered with a gray coating, that is the mosquito ~ As long as you can stick to the, Tengger walk through, you will harvest paradise. After the official successful completion of the Tengger cross, you can come to the dream road, this is the exit. This road is also quite suitable for self-driving routes, the scenery on both sides of the road is very very beautiful~
Tengger Desert Swan Lake
182 Reviews
_We***35The scenic area is generally good. The front desk staff are very enthusiastic and attentive. It is divided into two modes of play, one is experiential travel. At the edge of the desert, you can take a 10-yuan sightseeing car in the park to the entertainment project area. The most exciting is Buggy racing surfing and self-driving motorcycles, self-driving ATVs are also fun. There is also a deep crossing. You need to take 800 off-road vehicles to cross 25 kilometers of desert to the lake, watching the scenery, sandboarding, fishing, boating, and you can see a lot of cattle and sheep on the way. The driver’s skills are really real Sigh, it's amazing. Accommodation is divided into small town accommodation on the edge of the desert and lakeside hotel accommodation in the hinterland. The price is 580 yuan per room, and there are also large and small yurts and tent rental services. The best thing is the starry sky here. If you can encounter good weather, you can consider living in the deep desert at night. Anyway, I feel better than Shapotou. Although the hardware facilities are inferior to the 5A scenic spot, the scenery is natural without any modification. There are sand, water, wetland and grassland, and there are no commercial buildings. Things. like!

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Tengger Desert Moon Lake
Tengger Desert Moon LakeAlxa,China

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Shuishaozi Ecology Tourist Zone
Shuishaozi Ecology Tourist ZoneAlxa,China

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Shamo Botanical Garden
Shamo Botanical GardenAlxa,China

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Dongguan Mosque
Dongguan MosqueAlxa,China

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Yanfu Temple (The North Temple) Tourist Area
Yanfu Temple (The North Temple) Tourist AreaAlxa,China

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Guangzongnan Temple
Guangzongnan TempleAlxa,China

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Alashanzuoqi Travel Tips

About Alashanzuoqi

Alxa Left Banner is situated in the western part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In the Mongolian language, “Alxa” means “Golden Horse.” The area is vast and has complex terrain. The Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve is home to pristine forests which act as a natural ecological protective barrier for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Alxa people welcome visitors with great enthusiasm and their unique folk customs always leave a deep impression.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Alashanzuoqi
Apr 12, 2021 Alashanzuoqi Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:88%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:26/19:31
Alashanzuoqi Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Alashanzuoqi, including: Tonghu Grassland,Alxa Guangzong Temple,Tengger Desert Swan Lake
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