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About Alashanzuoqi

Alxa Left Banner is situated in the western part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In the Mongolian language, “Alxa” means “Golden Horse.” The area is vast and has complex terrain. The Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve is home to pristine forests which act as a natural ecological protective barrier for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Alxa people welcome visitors with great enthusiasm and their unique folk customs always leave a deep impression.

Popular Attractions in Alashanzuoqi

Alxa Guangzong Temple
125 Reviews
Alxa Zuoqi, Alxa, Inner Mongolia, China
Tengger Desert Swan Lake
166 Reviews
Tennger Desert's Swan Lake is located in the southwestern part of Gunur Sum, Alxa Left Banner (Bayanhot Town) in Inner Mongolia Automonomous Region's Alxa League. The lake is long in shape and the shore covered with senjhor trees. The lake is clear and the waters are vast. Near the lake, there is a black mud area and a yurt area both of which are covered with horsegrass (Iris ensata). The lake is surrounded by vast deserts with magnificent undulating sand dunes. Swan Lake and its sister—Moon Lake—each has her own unique charm yet they also complement each other.
Alxa Heshuote's Royal Residence
11 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Alxa League Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot Town
Tengger Desert
108 Reviews
The Tengger Desert is located in the southwestern Alxa Left Banner at the central part of the border with Gansu Province. In Mongolian, "Tengger" means "infinite sky." Within the desert, there are many lakes whose original ecological condition has been preserved. Among these lakes, the two most famous are Tiane (Swan) Lake and Yueliang (Moon) Lake. The shape of Yueliang Lake is said to resemble the outline of China. It is one of the lakes of the Tengger Desert that has kept its original coastline. Tiane Lake is surrounded on all sides by the shifting sands of the vast desert. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular. Swan Lake and its sister—Moon Lake—each has her own unique charm yet they also complement each other.

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Trip Moments


It seems that I am a little gravel between the heavens and the earth. At this moment, I cant help but immediately send a circle of friends, I cant wait to tell the world, I Arrived in Tengger, and realized a dream, accept your envy and hate! God's reply is: Is there a signal in the desert? ?

Start flying the drone, I am making a tidbit next to it, the drone is in front, two overweight SLRs are placed in the bag On the top, the voices in the distance are gone. From time to time, I can hear the screams of the people who are riding the buggy. The whole world is quiet, and the time seems to have slowed down.

photographed in the desert, shot The shadows coming out are different from other places! Parents may not know that the Longmen Inn and the Thorn Ling are all photographed in Tengger!

Have you seen the swings and seesaws in the desert? They are all placed next to the Thorning Inn. If you have time, sit on the swing and watch the sunset in the desert. Do you feel that the years are quiet, whether the inner softness will be touched, and you want to last forever!

Self-driving plus weight-bearing walking, really tired! When the corner meets the beauty, I feel that everything is worthwhile...

[travel tips]:
[address]: Alxa League Alxa Zuoqi Tengger Desert hinterland / hc /
[ticket]: 60 Tonghu grassland adult ticket (excluding bonfire); Tonghu grassland adult ticket + bonfire party 145 / hc /
[Traffic]: From Yinchuan to Tonghu grassland, you can take the train to Zhongwei first, the whole journey is 30 kilometers.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018