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Attractions in Aletai

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Kanas Lake Scenic Area

4.6/53,577 Reviews

Kanas Lake is tucked away deep in the mountains and forests of Burqin County, nearly 800 kilometers away from the capital of Xinjiang. At the gorgeous and fertile lakeside, you can see the clear and tranquil surface of the lake. The lake's color changes often with the seasons and weather. The area around Kanas Lake is dense with dragon spruce and Faber’s fir trees, and when autumn arrives, the forest shows off different colors of gold, deep red, and dark green.

Hemu Scenic Area

4.4/5982 Reviews
Rural Area

Hemu Scenic Area is located in Altay Prefecture's Burqin County in Northern Xinjiang, about 30 kilometers east of Kanas Lake. It is a small village that is shared by ethnic Kazakhs and Tuvinians. All the houses in Hemu Village are traditionally simple and quaint. The wooden houses are scattered across the mountain valleys. The local ethnic minority populations are hardworking and lead simple and quiet lives. The Hemu River flows past the village. The waters of the river are light blue and very clear. Near the village lie beautiful grasslands and scenic birch forests.

Keketuohai Scenic Area

4.4/51,078 Reviews

Keketuohai Scenic Area is in Fuyun County, Altay, North Xinjiang Province. The scenic area consists of the Kalaxianger earth fracture zone, Kekesuli, Ilaymu Lake, and Irtysh Grand Canyon. Here, you can find picturesque canyons, valleys and wetland landscapes, cool lakes and mineral resources. Also, experience the nomadic culture, ethnic customs of western China, local customs and cultural attractions. It is designated an AAAAA scenic spot in China and an international original scenic spot.

Colorful Beach

4.6/5600 Reviews
Geological Sites

Also known as the Colorful River Bank, located in the Irtysh River basin, the Colorful Beach was formed by natural effects, such as wind erosion, water erosion and leaching, and is a typical Yadan landform. The Colorful Beach is also special because of its brilliant colors and diverse shapes. Bright red, green, purple, yellow, brown and other colors appeared on the beach where there was almost nothing after thousands of years of wind erosion, rain and washing by river water.


4.4/5433 Reviews
Rural Area

Standing in Habahe County, Altay Prefecture, North Xinjiang, Baihaba is a small village inhabited by people of Kazakh and Tuvan nationalities. The village is inhabited by Tuvans, Mongolian residents, who practice Lamaism. Far away from city's civilization and bustle, the village has always preserved its simple and kind folk customs. There are ancient cabins in the village surrounded by rivers and trees. Behind the village lie several small seasonal snow mountains, presenting breathtaking scenery.

Moon Bay

4.7/5308 Reviews

Moon Bay is a bend of the Kanas River that lies upstream from Wolong Bay. As a result of the elevation difference of the lakebed, the changes in upstream water inflow, and the light effect, Moon Bay presents magnificent, changing colors. Moon Bay is sandwiched between mountains on its east and west, along which the river winds, forming a crescent moon, hence the name. In the upper and lower river bays, there exist two small sandy beaches resembling footprints. These unique features are described as the Immortal Footprints by locals.

Kanas Tuva Village

4.6/5166 Reviews
Folk Village

Kanas Tuva Village, situated within the Kanas Lake Scenic Area, is a small Tuvan village south of the lake. All of the houses in the village are small wooden shacks of the ancient Dzungarian style. The village is surrounded by a forest as well as rows of mountains. The scenery that the village offers is no less beautiful than those offered by the famous Hemu Village and Baihaba Village next door. Visitors are recommended to come for a sightseeing tour, take pictures, and experience Tuvan folk culture.

Jiadeng Valley

4.1/5108 Reviews

Located in the middle of the the south side of Hemu Scenic Area in Kanas Lake Scenic Area of northern Xinjiang, Jiadeng Valley is a village inhabited by Kazakh herders in summer time, and is also the gateway to Kanas Lake Scenic Area and Hemu Scenic Area. The entrance leading to Kanas Lake Scenic Area is right next to the village in Jiadeng Valley. The starting points of the shuttle bus route and hiking trail into Hemu Scenic Area is also located here, so it has become a must-see stop-off for tourists traveling in northern Xinjiang.

The Hemu Grassland

4.6/580 Reviews

The Hemu Grassland is located in the mountain basin where the Kanas River and the Hemu River meet in Burqin County. The grassland is divided by the Hemu River into two halves. Its shady side is covered with grass and flowers; its sunny side is a fascinating wilderness with dense forestation. The Hemu Village, a Tuwa village in the Kanas area, is located on Hemu's vast grassland. With the Hemu River flowing from the northeast to the southwest, this traditional village and the grassland coexist in natural harmony. It is a great destination for vacation sightseeing.

Kanas Lake Tuwa Village

4.9/514 Reviews
Historical Site

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