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Things To Do in Ali

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    Piyang Dongga Cave SiteAli,China

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    Hot Spring Lake Hot SpringAli,China

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    Mount KailashAli,China

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    Qiangtang WetlandAli,China

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    Kega TempleAli,China

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    Kunggyu CoAli,China

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    About Ali

    Located in northwestern Tibet, Ngari has been called “the roof of Tibet.” Here, the landscape is vast with few people, and countless Tibetan antelope, kiang (a wild ass), and wild yaks freely roam, surrounded by snowy mountains and sacred lakes, There are also breathtaking remnants of the mysterious ancient Zhangzhung culture like the ruins of Tsaparang (capital of the ancient Guge Kingdom), the 10th century Tholing Monastery, and the unique landscape of the Zanda Forest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the best places to visit in Ali, including: Kangrinpoche,Lake Manasarovar,Ruins of the Kingdom of Guge
    There are mainly the following forms: 1. Fly to Shiquan River; 2. Pack off-road vehicles to Shiquan River; 3. Take large trucks to Shiquan River; 4. Lhasa find self-driving off-road vehicles to Shiquan River.
    Hello, I am very happy to answer your questions. Ali is the monsoon climate. From November to May, it is a windy season. The average temperature in the whole region is low and the heat is insufficient. The maximum temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and the minimum is minus 30 degrees Celsius. The best time to travel in Ali is from May to July and September to October, which can avoid the rainy season and the snowy muddy roads. The average temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. The Ali area is more than 5,000 meters above sea level. The temperature difference between day and night is large. In summer, the daytime temperature is above 10 °C, and at night it is below 0 °C. You must bring enough warm clothing here. In Ali, where precipitation is extremely low throughout the year, the rain is concentrated in the rainy season from the beginning of July to September. The number of cars stuck in the mud is the most, and the itinerary is easily delayed. Of course, there will be many more opportunities to see the rainbow in the summer, and some mountains will be replaced with green ones, and the colors will be richer than spring and autumn. Travel essentials Documents: When you travel, you must bring along with valid documents such as ID card, student ID card, etc., in case you need it. 2. Clothing: Spring and Autumn: Carry a sweater, cotton sweater, trousers, you can prepare a thick coat. Summer: With a thin coat and a shirt, it may be very cold in the morning. Prepare the coat. Winter: Pay attention to keep warm, it is best to wear a down jacket or a thick coat. Shoes are suitable for cotton shoes. If you do not want to wear cotton shoes, it is recommended to put on cotton socks. 3. Drugs: It is recommended to carry Jin Shierkang, American ginseng lozenges, aspirin, Bili pain, Niuhuang Jiedu tablets, Ganmao Ling, laryngitis pills, cough water, white flower oil, vitamin C pills, stomach medicine, gauze, eye drops and anti-inflammatory drugs. . Purchase anti-altitude response drugs. Because Lhasa belongs to the plateau, the difference in body constitution between entering the plateau may lead to hypoxia and altitude sickness. Wear sunscreen in the summer. 4. Cash, bank card: When you travel, you should open your property and keep it safe. 5. Other items: mobile phones, cameras, mp3, etc. You may need to carry electronic devices, remember to bring a good charger, battery and enough memory card. Warm reminder that the Ali area has a high altitude and low oxygen content in the air. If you don't know your health, you should go to the hospital for system check before entering Ali. Generally, your body can adapt to the hypoxic environment. Any cardiopulmonary function is poor or serious. Hypertension, anemia patients should not enter. Most people just entered, they have a slight mountain reaction, but they will adapt and recover soon, so don't worry too much. In the city of Lhasa, you can purchase oxygen bags and Rhodiola and American ginseng oral liquid to prevent accidents. I hope I can help you~
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