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Back_LightingAlta, Norway is the extreme north of Northern Europe, located at 70 degrees north latitude in the Arctic Circle. In 1892, the first photo of aurora in human history was born at the Aurora Observatory in Alta. Due to the influence of the warm Atlantic current, the temperature in Alta is not exaggeratedly low in winter. We have been here at most minus 8 or 9 degrees. In addition, because it is by the sea, there are more sunny weather, suitable for viewing the aurora. I took everyone to the local aurora chasing activity. The guide will drive to the place where the aurora is most likely to be seen according to the weather conditions. Alta’s overall probability of seeing aurora is over 91%. But be sure to wear warmer clothes. It is still very cold at night in the Arctic. It is best to bring some warm babies to your body and soles. Camera parameters needed when shooting aurora: aperture 4.0 or more, the bigger the better, the shutter speed is more than 20 seconds ISO: 800-1600, manual focus is better, the weather is cold, more batteries are better, a wide-angle lens tripod is a must! . Many years later, I may not remember the splendor of the Northern Lights but only the frozen feet in the snow, the temperature in the scarf, the bonfire under the twinkling stars, and the singing of you all over the sky.
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Hammerfest church
丽水秘密花园Do you like to come to the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see the church? Then come to Hammerfest Church This time I am going out with my parents, or my mother decided to go to Hammerfest Church after reading it on the Internet. I heard that this church is very old, but there are It has a modern atmosphere. After we arrived in Hammerfest, we took the bus directly to the attraction. The attraction is by the sea. It feels really romantic. There are many tourists. We went directly to the Hammerfest Church, which felt it was the highest here. Building, I heard that the church was built in 1961. At the highest point of the church is a large cross. It is also a manifestation of religious culture. At the same time, the cathedral is also a landmark of the town. The decoration inside is very luxurious, there are many white statues placed there, showing a solemn atmosphere. Later, I went to the seaside to stroll around and see the beauty of the seaside. Transportation ticket tips When you arrive at Hammerfest, you can take bus No. 15 and 19 to arrive directly. Of course, you can also rent a car. You don't need tickets to enter for free. The surrounding environment is very beautiful. The first time I came to this Hammerfest Church, I felt it was very suitable for sightseeing. I felt a kind of Christian cultural atmosphere. At the same time, it was really romantic to be close to the sea. Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and watch the sunset. Out. It is worth a visit.

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All Day Snowmobile Driving
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Alta Museum
Alta MuseumAlta,Norway

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Tirpitz Museum
Tirpitz MuseumAlta,Norway

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Alta Museum - World Heritage Rock Art Centre
Alta Museum - World Heritage Rock Art CentreAlta,Norway

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Alta Canyon and the Alta Dam
Alta Canyon and the Alta DamAlta,Norway

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Hammerfest church
Hammerfest churchHammerfest,Norway

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Palatial steps, glistening stalactite chandeliers and a royal chill that settles with your spine. An experience that allows a dip in the temperature to be transformed into one of the most adventurous and dazzling experiences of someone’s life. A sculpted adobe of ice, this masterpiece amalgamates the hospitality sector with that of the world of art and design. An experiential living, Ice hotels talk about everything glamorous and unique. You can kick back and relax with your partners, family or friends in a ball of ice. A fancy way to “chill”, quite literally, for the adventurous and daring personalities wandering this world.
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Alta Weather

Jan 22, 2021
-16 ~ -12
Jan 23, 2021
-17 / -14
Jan 24, 2021
-14 / -13
Jan 25, 2021
-10 / -7
Jan 26, 2021
-10 / -7
Jan 27, 2021
-12 / -7
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