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Red Light District

4.3/5287 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Sun - Sat 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
De Wallen, Amsterdam
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About Red Light District

The Red Light District in Amsterdam's Old Town is perhaps the most famous Red Light District in the world. This place is known for its "tolerant" atmosphere. Come and enjoy fun that you won't get anywhere else! Visitors' curiosity about this place has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Amsterdam. Of course, the best time to visit the red-light district is at night. Things really ramp up at nighttime. Visitors can look through the large glass windows to see women in sexy outfits, or browse the shops selling "alternative" goods.

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  • 珍珍吖头

    Legally smoking marijuana, gambling, red-light district prostitutes can be licensed to work, like ordinary people to pay taxes, but regular blood tests, homosexuality legalization... All these make this city of Amsterdam a synonym of tolerance and openness, full of the charm of freedom!

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    Reviewed on 1494770383000
  • 携手同行勇闯天涯

    There are large glass windows in the alleys on both sides of the river. According to local Chinese, the figure and appearance appearing before 90 o'clock are exaggerated, and the good ones appear only at midnight. Night falls and there are many tourists. Most of them come to see the excitement.

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    Reviewed on 1541992997000
  • Sharon2020

    Just so so...even paid 8.5 for red light secret museum, you still see nothing in real. The prostitutes are ugly

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    Reviewed on 1439708464000
  • 正义的力量

    People come and go in the red light district with marijuana flavor everywhere, and they see the gorgeous figure of the window girls, as well as casino and sexy shops everywhere. Let me sum up three words for the night in Amsterdam in an instant: pornography and poisoning Netherlands is really a magical country.

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    Reviewed on 1509077794000
  • juki235

    This is one of the places that Amsterdam must come to. It is not for the XX, but for the Dutch culture. Head drive starts around 3 p.m. and it's very busy until midnight. The air here is full of liquor and marijuana. Be careful not to take any pictures here and be found to be beaten.

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    Reviewed on 1489120197000
  • 风行天下01

    Europe's sex capital, the rich and colorful Netherlands, because there is one of the world's most famous red-light district, a legal red-light district, has become a tourist attraction. The red light district is built between rivers. After lighting at night, the shadows of the lights ripple in the river, giving people a kind of dream feeling. The shadows of the lights and water also have an intoxicating atmosphere, and from time to time the smell of marijuana rushes to the nose.

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    Reviewed on 1476018498000
  • 我是Selina猫眼看世界

    从水坝广场向外,四通八达延伸出的道路。向北走,沿着Damrak街直通阿姆斯特丹中央火车站,道路两旁是琳琅满目的商店。而向东,不远处即是老城的德瓦伦地区,也就是说起阿姆斯特丹恐怕很多人都会脱口而出的“红灯区”!位于老教堂以南的德瓦伦地区De Wallen已经被红灯区Red Light District这个“俗气”的名字所覆盖住了。然而从1385年就存在了的德瓦伦,是阿姆斯特丹最古老的地区,有着这座城市最古老的建筑,以及一直占据在这里中心的老教堂!红灯区的来历可以追溯到14世纪,那个时候,阿姆斯特丹作为最古老的大型港口城市,往来行船的水手们到了这个码头,都会下船寻欢作乐一番,于是造就了色情业的蓬勃发展发展。逐渐成为性用品商店、性工作者、同性恋酒吧、大麻咖啡馆、色情表演的所在地。红灯区名字的由来,全因为这里的性工作者在红色荧光灯照射下的橱窗里揽客。而这些“橱窗女郎”则是阿姆斯特丹红灯区最耀眼的招牌。在这里有一座“红灯区的秘密"博物馆,可以一探红灯区橱窗女郎的真实生活!Tips:如何抵达:乘坐地铁51,53,54在Nieuwmarkt下车后步行5-10分钟即可到达红灯区。

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    Reviewed on 1445782276000
  • Shuying

    It was the first time that I visited Amsterdam a decade ago. My customers for many years were also old friends who took me to dinner on the way through a block. Many handsome guys there had similar small opportunities. Friends introduced that it was a homosexual gathering area. After a good meal, we went to the red light district and recorded this passage in our travel notes after returning home. After all, sexual freedom and openness are unique cultural and commercial phenomena in Amsterdam and even the Netherlands as a whole. In many people's imagination, the red-light district must be a messy, dirty scene. In fact, on the contrary, the red-light district at night emits a unique hallucination. First of all, the scenery is beautiful, the whole area is in a main street along the river stretching to both sides of the lane, the lights flashing reflected in the river, adding a lot of illusion. Secondly, the men and women in the red light district are also beautiful, no matter what kind of terrible and dirty trade it walks behind, what appears on the surface in the eyes of the world is red, the rose curtains open, the glass windows open, all kinds of prostitutes in order to gain benefits in front of passers-by scratching their heads, more similar to a kind of window culture. If you don't really go to play in a place like Red Light District, just watch it. It's only about once to open your eyes. So I don't go to the Netherlands very much, but I went to the Netherlands later. I even wanted to go out and talk to the window girl curiously, but I was afraid of being beaten up. Truth be told, how long has this place gone? Without the mystery of vision, the inner world is even cooler.

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    Reviewed on 1504649987000
  • 203****096

    Amsterdam, Netherlands. Red Light District, Amsterdam. Amsterdam's red-light district is world-famous and legal. There is also a red light district in the world, Thailand, which is in the dark. For countries that are not very open to the outside world, people always have curiosity when they hear about red-light districts and want to see what they really are. Red light district can be said to be in the city centre, on both sides of the river, where photography is forbidden. But on the main street bridge, you can take pictures. If you have never been there, just look at the pictures, you will not know that this is the world-famous red light district.

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    Reviewed on 1531554627000
  • 弱冠年华


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    Reviewed on 1507713700000
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