Anji (安吉), located in Zhejiang Province in China’s northwest, is famous for its bamboo and is known as “China’s Bamboo Village.” Sights here include the Anji Bamboo Museum, which showcases a comprehensive collection of bamboo varieties; the Tianhuangping (天荒坪) Pumped Storage Power Station; China’s Bamboo Sea, where some outdoor scenes in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were shot; and Longwang (龙王) Mountain, whose peaks afford infinite vistas and from where the Huangpu (黄浦) River originates. Other attractions include the Hidden Dragon Waterfalls, Kowloon (九龙) Gorge, Furong (芙蓉) Gorge and the Wu Changshuo (吴昌硕) Memorial Hall. There is so much beauty here, it’s hard to take it all in.
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Things To Do in Anji

Cloud Grassland
2,719 Reviews
M41***95I went in December, when I saw that other places were snowing, I was very tickled to play with snow, and finally chose to synthesize the evaluation of each platform. Anji Yunshang grassland. I arrived on the first afternoon, and I stayed at the Star Astronomical Hotel in the scenic spot, and skied mainly on the next day. The overall experience is not bad. Traffic: It's about three and a half hours by car from Changzhou. Ski experience: This is a primary road a middle level road, the place is quite big, the slope is not high but for the southerner and skiing Xiaobai very friendly, after all, I can always fall in the primary snow. Ski suit is rented for money, the flowers photograph is very good. The snowshoes and snowboards are included in the tickets. There is also a coach on the spot. The cost seems to be 200. Although I didn't find it, I quietly saw a few good colors. Miss brother and sister. Hey. The overall feeling of skiing is still very good. After all, I am also the fun of the scenic spot. The weather was very good for the two days I went. The snow in other places on the mountain was almost melted, so I could play more, such as swings and paragliding on the cliff side. (I have been spending my time on skiing.) Hotel: I stayed at the new Star Astronomical Hotel in the scenic area, which I think is a bit awesome! The room is a cave-like design, I have been telling my friends that it is more like "crazy primitives" than "Star Astronomical Theme". The inside is also very good, the hair dryer is Dyson, the toiletries are Hermes, and I feel that slippers and robes are also very comfortable hahaha! There is floor heating and heating, it is quite comfortable and a wonderful experience anyway~
Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park
7,506 Reviews
Theme Park
E58***38Hello Kitty Park is an amazing place with very clean & green atmosphere around. This is the right place for the kids to enjoy. Entire theme is on the hello kitty & girl child would enjoy this place. Water park also is very attracting.
Zhongnan Baicao Garden
4,852 Reviews
Botanical Garden
D31***26The place is really awesome. I really liked it. It doesn't matter what you like. You just go there and you will find so many things. There is a zoo. Plenty of rides and so many beautiful scenes to see. I will strongly recommend to see this place. But you must spend your whole day to see it completely.
Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Resort
886 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
袁也I want to learn veneer, my friends choose a thousand choose the snow field of Jiangnan Tianchi, weekend, arrive at 12 o'clock, honing to a point, slip, ask the coach. Thanks to the 20-year-old handsome coach Zhang Wei for letting me and my friends successfully enter the pit, go back to buy equipment quickly, come back to you next week! The target Alps, do not learn not to stop! Photo is taken by Zhang Wei, not only careful and enthusiastic coach or photographer, the angle is good composition, just drop!
Yun Shang Caoyuan Xingkong Ski Field
340 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
小元元麻麻Where to go for outdoor skiing in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai 🎿❓ Yunshang Grassland ~ It turns out that Anji also has a ski resort ‼️ Yunshang Grassland Star Ski Resort is located at the second highest peak in North Zhejiang at 1168 meters above sea level. Every year, Anji will welcome the first snow in Zhejiang at the earliest, providing a unique climate advantage for the ski resort. 🗺️How to arrive at the Star Ski Resort 🗺️It is in the Yunshang Grassland Scenic Area, with the necessary belongings, you can reach from the scenic entrance by cable car. Near 1168 meters of altitude, you can see the snow scenery in the mountains. ❓ What do you need to bring here ❓ Cloud grassland Star Ski Resort in late December 2020 is a new boarding, skiing equipment and hardware facilities are very new and complete. ✅Tickets are included with equipment: snowshoes, snowboards, snowball fights ✅Payable rental equipment: Protective mirrors, ski suits, helmets, etc. ✅ Skiing can be said to be a one-stop solution, you don't have to bring your own equipment. If you must say something self-contained, it is a hat 🧢 scarf 🧣 glove 🧤 mask 😷 and other personal warm-up items. 🛅 Ski Resort has various specifications of storage cabinets, unload large bags and small bags, and 0⃣️ burden light loading to play with snow. 🎿What are the fun 🎿 Ski Resort planning has three primary, intermediate and advanced ski lanes, which can meet the skiing needs of all ages and technical levels. Primary and intermediate ski lanes have been opened. The snow park has fun and safe snowplay projects, which are very suitable for parent-child families. ⛄️ Parent-child play guide ⛄️🎿 Ski Field has children's ski equipment, and children with shoes 👟>25 yards can wear snow shoes. The primary slide is spacious and gentle, you can take the baby to try it. 🎠 The snow park is suitable for all ages. The baby (the father of the child) can play here. There are snow slides, snowmobiles, tanks, and can play for half a day. Bring a set of snow shoveling tools, snowball ❄️, snowman ☃️, we also made duckling 🦆 modelled snowball. ❤️ As a southern girl, I am excited to see a large snow field. Snow skiing ⛷️ is no longer remote. 📍 Coordinate: Anji Yunshang Grassland Scenic Area 📌 Address: Shanchuan Village, Shanchuan Township, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province 🈺️ Business Time: 10:00-20:30 (Depending on the actual operation of the scenic spot) 🎫 Tickets: 380 yuan on weekdays / people 580 yuan on weekends and holidays / people 🅿️ Parking: 6 yuan / hour parking lot of Yunshang Grassland Scenic Area
The Great Bamboo Sea of China
2,819 Reviews
E58***38This is an exotic place on the earth where one can enjoy expanse of green bamboo forest everywhere. This is very well maintained park & oe must visit this beautiful place. There are lot of activities one can enjoy along with climbing up the mountain, walking on the glass bridge, experiencing breathtaking view of valley & mountains and swaying with the natural wind.

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Cloud Grassland
Cloud GrasslandHuzhou,China

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Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park
Hangzhou Hello Kitty ParkHuzhou,China

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Zhongnan Baicao Garden
Zhongnan Baicao GardenHuzhou,China

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Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Resort
Jiangnan Tianchi Ski ResortHuzhou,China

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Yun Shang Caoyuan Xingkong Ski Field
Yun Shang Caoyuan Xingkong Ski FieldHuzhou,China

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The Great Bamboo Sea of China
The Great Bamboo Sea of ChinaHuzhou,China

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Anji Weather

Jan 23, 2021
3 ~ 8
Jan 24, 2021
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Jan 25, 2021
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Jan 26, 2021
Light rain
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Jan 27, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Anji
Jan 23, 2021 Anji Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:96%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:57/17:29
Anji Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Anji, including: Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park,Zhongnan Baicao Garden,Hidden Dragon Waterfall
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