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Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park
Anji Day Tour | A sweet date with Kitty

Every girl has a princess dream
Every girl should enjoy a sweet date

Hello Kitty Paradise in Anji You can travel by car or by bus. The entire park area is not very large, enough to play the entire park all day long, and it is possible to play all the rides in the rainy days! However, if the rain is heavy, many rides will be suspended because most of them are outdoor. The layout of the park is full of childlikeness, which is very suitable for parents, girlfriends and couples. I saw the cute Hello Kitty at the door!

Recommended reason
suitable for parent-child travel, couples, girlfriends with friends.

1 It is recommended that parents with children can book a night at the castle hotel or town hotel, the time is more generous, the children can not only have fun, but also have enough Rest time.
2Kitty is not big, you can walk slowly

Kitty Paradise
Kitty Ferris Wheel (Figure 2)
Enter Hello Kitty Home, first sight The colorful Ferris wheel that can be seen is the third slide in the world and the first in Asia. With 8 fixed cockpits and 8 movable cockpits, visitors can not only enjoy the leisurely and beautiful Ferris wheel time in the cockpit, but also the joyful scene of the entire Hello Kitty home at a height of 42 meters.

Fantasy Parade (Fig. 3)
Every day, there will be a grand party in the home, the shape is realistic, the fun floats form a huge float team, stay in a specific place to say hello, play, Take a photo with you. At the same time, all the elves in the home will appear. If you are lucky, you will be invited to the float to make a protagonist!

Hall Area and Facilities
Hello Kitty Park has 6 areas: Friendship Square, Sound Village, Elf Forest, Steam Kingdom, Katy House and Joy Harbor, in addition to Friendship Square In addition, each area has its own owner (cartoon character), and each cartoon character has its own story.
Fantasy Parade is generally 14 in the afternoon
The Great Bamboo Sea of China
Lemon Zhao
Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park
Hangzhou Hello Kitty Paradise, located in the peak of the mountains and the green bamboo town of Anji, is the first theme park of Hello Kitty in China. Since the opening of the park in July 2015, this pink fairy tale world surrounded by green mountains and green mountains, Attracting countless people to go, the children love the fairy tale dreams here, adults, I mean a mother like me, it seems to regain the heart of the pink girl, awakening the memory of childhood.
The whole park is divided into six theme areas: Friendship Square, Joy Harbor, Sound Village, Steam Kingdom, Elf Forest, and Hello Kitty Courtyard. They are designed based on six representative figures.
You can see the 9-meter-high Fun Ferris wheel in Friendship Square. It is also a symbol of Hello Kitty. The wind dance is the most popular project in Friendship Square. Each seat is cleverly designed to be exquisite. The flower, the sound of the village of the carousel is suitable for children, the steam kingdom is sitting by the cool penguin, the coolest is the magic bicycle that can be seen when entering the arch, the color ball flying like a mini version of the hot air balloon, rotating up and down in the air, Its like having a passionate samba dance, etc. We played in Hangzhou Hello Kitty for two and a half days, and the time is still not enough...
New Years Day, there is no plan for Bao Dabao, I will plant grass for you. Hello Kitty Paradise, three days long vacation is enough to bring children to pull the grass.
Anji Kaicheng Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel and experience the new quiet life of the city
Anji Kaicheng Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel is a luxury hotel brand that just opened in the downtown area of Anji City this year. So, I just ran to punch the card when I first opened the business.
The hotel is right in the city center, next to the shopping center, so you don't have to worry about not eating at night, and the attractions in Anji are very close. It takes only 30 minutes to get a taxi. The hotel's rooms have spacious balconies so you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the city! ~
The hotel has a total of 404 rooms, just in Anjis Wanghong Street. The hotel has themed private suites, so it is very suitable for the whole family to come on holiday, as well as the personal butlers courtesy. Great value.
As a brand hotel, in addition to more than 8,000 hotels around the world, the various smile services in the hotel are also very good, there are 9,000 square meters next to the hotel, you can see the scenery, time is too fast, both I don't know if I can go boating and take pictures.
Its already night at check-in. The hotels lighting is very beautiful. The most noticeable thing is the big light bear at the door. I really want it~ I dont think it will take a long time to become new. The net red punch card point ~
also participated in the pulley activity, although it has not been played for a long time, but still flies up, even I admire myself. ~
About the hotel room:
The hotel's room was large, except for the large balcony, the bed was very large, and it was completely no problem to lie on it. The hotel also has a welcome card at check-in that is really super friendly.
What makes me like and surprise is the two little rabbits on the bed in the hotel room. When I see it, my girls heart will burst.