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For a foodie, the focus of travel is not on shopping and sightseeing. The most attractive thing is to eat and drink!

Fuding, which is at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang, the city is not big, but the food and snacks are rich and staggering. This city, deeply influenced by Tao, Buddhism and Confucian culture, has a long history of food culture. The snacks are mostly made from local specialties and traditionally hand-made. The streets and alleys are full of food stalls and snack bars, which will not be heavy for a week.

On the first day of our return from Jiuyixi, we came to the seafood street of Fuding. Before the seafood dinner was here, there were appetizers on the dinner table.

Then all kinds of seafood dinners are broken up one after another, meat swallows, the complete name is Yanpi dumplings, Fuding's meat swallows are really thin and stuffy, and very chewy

Fuding is rich in betel nut, huge. Therefore, the dishes made with the steamed bread are full of variety and variety, and the favorite of the locals is the hanging cream. Simply fry and then sprinkle with a layer of frosting.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
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Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park
Anji Day Tour | A sweet date with Kitty

Every girl has a princess dream
Every girl should enjoy a sweet date

Hello Kitty Paradise in Anji You can travel by car or by bus. The entire park area is not very large, enough to play the entire park all day long, and it is possible to play all the rides in the rainy days! However, if the rain is heavy, many rides will be suspended because most of them are outdoor. The layout of the park is full of childlikeness, which is very suitable for parents, girlfriends and couples. I saw the cute Hello Kitty at the door!

Recommended reason
suitable for parent-child travel, couples, girlfriends with friends.

1 It is recommended that parents with children can book a night at the castle hotel or town hotel, the time is more generous, the children can not only have fun, but also have enough Rest time.
2Kitty is not big, you can walk slowly

Kitty Paradise
Kitty Ferris Wheel (Figure 2)
Enter Hello Kitty Home, first sight The colorful Ferris wheel that can be seen is the third slide in the world and the first in Asia. With 8 fixed cockpits and 8 movable cockpits, visitors can not only enjoy the leisurely and beautiful Ferris wheel time in the cockpit, but also the joyful scene of the entire Hello Kitty home at a height of 42 meters.

Fantasy Parade (Fig. 3)
Every day, there will be a grand party in the home, the shape is realistic, the fun floats form a huge float team, stay in a specific place to say hello, play, Take a photo with you. At the same time, all the elves in the home will appear. If you are lucky, you will be invited to the float to make a protagonist!

Hall Area and Facilities
Hello Kitty Park has 6 areas: Friendship Square, Sound Village, Elf Forest, Steam Kingdom, Katy House and Joy Harbor, in addition to Friendship Square In addition, each area has its own owner (cartoon character), and each cartoon character has its own story.
Fantasy Parade is generally 14 in the afternoon
Hangzhou Hello Kitty Park
Yinzhi Village, representative: Melody
and anyone can become a good friend immediately, haha, not a small fish, I am a joke, actually I am talking about the cute Melody. In her village of sound, music is not only heard, but also can be seen.
With the music ringing, sitting on a carousel, as if turned into a princess and a knight, in a dream world.
"Happy Melody" measured queuing 0min, stimulation index
Elf Forest, representative: naughty monkey
If you want to play exciting projects, then you can come to the Elf Forest to experience the apple tree flying chair, instant When you rise to the sky, you forget all the unhappiness in the rotation, making laughter and screams the most beautiful scenery.
"Apple Tree Flying Chair" measured queuing 0min, stimulation index
Steam Kingdom, representative: Cool Penguin
walking and discovering a mechanical kingdom, you can feel far away To the inside, rolling hot magma, white smoke pipes and rotating gears made people feel that they entered the industrial zone. Wow, we went to the factory of Cool Penguin.
The bicycle here has small wings, but it will fly! Sit on the bicycle and slowly vacate, step on the pedals rhythmically, and enjoy the beauty of swimming in the air.
"Magic Bike" measured queuing 0min, stimulation index
want to see the panorama of the park, then take the hot air balloon here, rotate in the wind. Friendly Tip: Don't sit if you are afraid of high or easy dizziness.
"Color Ball Flying Dance" measured queuing 0min, stimulation index