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黑黑喽Don't miss the supernatural beauty of the original and modern structure. Cheha Resort State Park is a particularly wonderful place. Here we saw the unprecedented Yellow Falls, rushing down the mountain. Moreover, this park is very close to the sea. We walked into the beach of the park in a short while. The sand on this beach was still pink, adding a beautiful scenery to this green park. We walked to the center of the park and saw a natural lake. We rowed in the park to watch the beautiful scenery of the park on both sides of the lake. The water of this lake is particularly beautiful. The more light, the more green the color of the water. When we paddled to the center of the lake, we saw a small island with a pavilion on it. We came to this island and climbed to the pavilion, which is the viewing platform of this lake. Here you can rest, but also let us see the different places of the lake, overlooking the entire lake. We also saw a large lawn in the park with many recreational facilities, just like a small amusement park. My best friend and I were having fun here. The whole process was full of laughter. There are many hundred-year-old trees in this park. The most peculiar thing is that we saw them put colorful ribbons on each tree. Practical TIPS: 1. The park is open from 9:00 to 17:00 every day. 2. The entrance fee to the park is 50 yuan equivalent to RMB. Scenic address: 19644 Highway 281, Delta, AL 36258-8702
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M30***93This was my second visit to Atlanta and Georgia Aquarium was one of the landmarks of Atlanta. First visit was due to a rush of trip and it was missed. Once again in Atlanta this was set for the must go. The whole venue was divided into several exhibition halls according to the water. In this underwater world, human beings are so small, especially suitable for family activities, with children to explore the unknown world!
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老黄1971A Coca-Cola World Exhibition Hall in Atlanta, Georgia, owned by Coca-Cola Corporation, is located in Pemberton Square. The Coca-Cola World is also part of the Georgia Museum. The world of Coca-Cola opened in 1991, when about nine million people came here each year, the most popular attraction in Atlanta. The world of Coca-Cola reopened after renovation on May 24, 2007. Here is the condensation and reappearance of Coca-Cola's infinite charm, not only depicting Coca-Cola's present, but also the Coca-Cola's infinite vision for the future. Among them, more than 1,000 Coca-Cola handcrafted art boutiques are the first to be seen. The building is one of the few green buildings in Georgia that strictly adhere to the US Green Building Council's energy-saving and environmental design standards
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