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Things To Do in Anshun

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RITNBImpressive natural sight attracting thousands of local tourists daily. Area includes separate sights, apart from the big Huangguoshu waterfall there are also other smaller waterfalls and places to walk around and for us it wasn’t clear to which area the shuttle buses would take us (always ask the bus driver first to avoid wasting time at secondary sights). HGS waterfall itself is breathtaking, it’s massive cascade spraying the plant life opposite it as well as the tourists. You can walk behind the water curtain, but it takes a long time to queue and walk single file. The trip takes around two hours if you walk fast and don’t make detours. There is an elevator taking tourists down to the main sight but taking the stairs doesn’t take too long either and if you are mobile I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra money.
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E31***51the park is gorgeous. we enjoyed walking around outdoors and taking the boats in the caves. the characters on the grass are awesome.
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Ancient Settlement
朱朱莉Guizhou tour, the second stop, Tianlong Tunbao! From Qingyan Ancient Town, 100 kilometers, arrive at Tianlong Tunbao! For this attraction, I didn't want to be included in the plan at first, but then I learned a lot of the story of Tianlong Fort through various channels, the more I learned, the more interested in this 600-year-old castle! Just from the itinerary, can stay here for one night! My brother and I went out the next morning, it was raining, the shops were not open, very quiet, very quiet, the tea porridge is boiling water, the water is not open, we go to go shopping first! About 9 o'clock, the tour group arrived, the shop opened, the commercial smell emerged, but compared to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, here can be said to be too simple! The most impressive, is everywhere, Fengyang Han dresses on the body of Guo, the house built by stone, and the tea tea free tea! The local play did not see, it seems that every afternoon every full hour of performance, did not go to deliberately understand, catch up to see can not catch up to see, do not see, with the fate! Because we're going to the next stop, dragon palace!
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Geological Sites
_We***95Quiet, and peaceful. The stone forest before the waterfalls are very pleasant and remind me a little of shilin in Kunming.The tianxing cave is just like any other coloured cave in China, but worth walking through.The waterfall is the highlight, though. Despite being quite small, it is very pretty and should definitely be visited whilst in the park. 2-3 hours will be enough time to take all of it in. The queues are nowhere near the same scale as DaPuBu.Beautiful
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晚霞风车Getu River scenic spot is located in Shuitang Town, Ziyun County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, 103km away from Anshun City, 164km away from Guiyang City, the word "Getu" is Miao, meaning "jumping flower holy place". The main parts include Dachuandong, Sky Star Cave, Shundong Cave, Blind Valley, Xiaochuandong, Miaoting, Dahe Miao Village, Middle Cave Miao Village, and so on. Her uniqueness is the essence of the combination of karst, mountains, water, caves, stones and forests, and the combination of male, strange, dangerous, steep, quiet and ancient, which makes a perfect landscape picture. The most beautiful place in the world in karst landform. National 4A level scenic area.
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D29***43This waterfall is definitely not as big as huangguoshu waterfall (in the same park), but it has its own beauty and grace.

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Tianlong (Sky Dragon) Fortified VillageAnshun,China

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Doupotang WaterfallAnshun,China

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Yinlianzhuitan WaterfallAnshun,China

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Jiuzhou Old TownAnshun,China

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Gaodang Qian Nian Buyiguzhai Culture Tourism Sceneic AreaAnshun,China

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Guizhou Guanling Orictocoenosis National GeoparkAnshun,China

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Hukou Waterfall: a thousand miles of Yellow River poured from a teapot # Few in the world have seen the golden waterfall # Hukou Waterfall, located in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. It is a national scenic spot with 4A rating. The upstream width area of the Yellow River is 300 meters, but within a distance of less than 500 meters of the waterfall, it is compressed to a width of 20-30 meters. The river pours 1000 cubic meters per second from a steep cliff that is more than 20 meters high, hence forming "a thousand miles of Yellow River poured from a teapot." Every summer, owing to changes in the flow of water above the mouth of the teapot, everyone can see the wonderful sight of multiple waterfalls.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

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Anshun (安顺) lies in west-central Guizhou Province in the watershed of the Yangtze River system's Wu River (乌江) Basin and the Pearl River system's Beipan River (北盘江) Basin. It boasts a concentration of the some of the world's most classic karst landforms. Rivers and gorges criss-cross this region and peaks clustered into stone forests, forest lakes, and underground rivers and springs crowd the area, which is home to more than 100 waterfalls and over 1200 surface karst caves: together, they form the splendid, colorful three-dimensional picture that is Anshun.

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Here are the best places to visit in Anshun, including: Huangguoshu Waterfall,Dragon Palace Cave (Long Gong),Tianxingqiao Scenic Area
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