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About Anyang

Anyang is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 3,000 years. As the main birthplace of the Chinese civilization, it is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. It is sometimes called the “first ancient capital of China.” Anyang has traces of many ancient stories such as Ximen Bao at Ye City. This is where the first female general of China was buried. It is known as the first capital in ancient China. In addition to its long history, Anyang has spectacular landscapes such as the Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon.

Popular Attractions in Anyang

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area
2,471 Reviews
The Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area includes the three major areas of the Peach Blossom Valley, Wangxiangyan (“Royal Rock”), and Taiji Ice Mountain. The landscape at the Taihang Grand Canyon has many classic elements of north China scenery that will take your breath away: thick forests, waterfalls, and sheer rock cliffs. Here, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Taihang Mountains while riding a sightseeing vehicle, and cool down by the year-round ice in the Taiji mountain caves. Outdoor and hiking enthusiasts can even brave the plank road hanging from the cliff face.
Yinxu Museum
2,065 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Yinxu Museum is located in the city of Anyang on the banks of the Huan River. In addition to the museum, visitors can also see the remains of royal tombs, a royal palace, and oracle bone inscriptions. Yinxu was the capital of the Late Shang dynasty and was the first capital in Chinese history. It contains a large number of valuable bronze, stone, bone, and jade artifacts.
Red Flag Canal
1,494 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
The Red Flag Canal is an irrigation canal built by locals during the 1960s. It runs around the side of a cliff in the Taihang Mountains, which are known for their spectacular scenery. The visitor site is also home to a museum, which informs visitors about the canal's history.
Tangyin Yuefei Temple
604 Reviews
Tangying Yuefei Temple, formerly known as Jingzhong Temple, also known as "Song Yuezhong Wuwang Temple," was built by descendants of Yue Fei to commemorate the Southern Song Dynasty's anti-Jin general and famous national hero. In the rear courtyard of the Yuefei Temple Hall, visitors will find the Qin Hall, Yueyun Shrine, Sizi Shrine, Yueke Shrine, Xiaoyu Shrine and the Three Eras Shrine. Featuring couplets and other refined arts in the Wei tradition, a collection of works by modern famous calligraphers such as Shangqian and Shen Peng is on display at Qin Hall. The famous carved stone calligraphic treasure, the Chushi Biao, is also on display here.

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Trip Moments

Henan has the earliest Wangling site in China. The later mother Wufang Ding was unearthed from here.

Yinxu is located in Anyang City, Henan Province. It is a world-famous cultural heritage and the most famous tourist attraction in Anyang. The Yin Ruins are divided into two parts. The tourists are more familiar with the palace ancestral temple area, and there is also a Wangling area. There are very few people going there.
Yinxu Wangling Site is located in Wuguan Village on the north bank of Anyang Weihe River. This is the earliest tomb of Wangling in China, which pioneered the mausoleum system of the emperor in China. It has been more than 3,000 years since.
A lot of rare treasures were unearthed here, especially the descendant of the National Museum of China, Fang Fang Ding (formerly known as Si Ding Ding), which was unearthed here in 1939. This is the Shang Wang Geng or the ancestral armor for the sacrifice of his mother, and is the representative of the bronze wares of the Shang Dynasty.
After the mother, the length of 112 cm, the width of 79.2 cm, weighing more than 800 kg, according to the study that two or three hundred craftsmen need to work together to complete, this is the world's largest and most important bronze ritual, is also China's The treasure of the town is prohibited from going abroad.
A total of 13 tombs and more than 2,000 tombs were found at the site of the Yinxu Wangling. Today, several tombs are open to visitors to learn about the tombs of the Shang Dynasty.
The famous M260 exhibition hall, which is the land of the late mother Wu Ding, has now restored the scene unearthed at that time.
In several other exhibition halls, there are also the car-horse pits of the Shang Dynasty. These horses and horses of the Shang Dynasty have used a large number of bronze devices and have a sophisticated structure, representing the advanced technology of ancient China.
Compared with the Yinzong Palace Zongmiao District, Wangling District has almost no tourists, very clean, and tourists interested in history and culture can already have new gains here.
Posted: Jul 9, 2019
One day, the most popular spot in Anyang, hh/
Anyang is the city of Yuli. This is the 7th year of Yin Wenwangs detention of Zhou Wenwang Jichang 3000 years ago. It is the written record in Chinese history. A national prison is also a holy place for the "Wen Wang to play Zhou Yi". There is a 7-meter-long Longshan culture, and there are also rich cultural and cultural relics. There are existing ruins such as Yanyifang, Yanyitai and Gudianji, as well as ancient inscriptions such as "" and "Wen Wangyi". Among them, Yan Yitai is the place where Jichang was imprisoned. There are eight gossips built in accordance with the Eight Diagrams. There are eight ambushes, Wolong and other eight battles. It is said that Zhuge Liangs battle array Figure, when you come to Bali, you can go into the battle, explore the mysterious gossip array, and appreciate the extraordinary wisdom of Zhuge Liang.
Tickets are 50 yuan.
When the Shangyu Wang was imprisoned by Xibo Jichang, Jichang did not ruin the seven years in custody, but instead turned the Fuxi gossip into 64 hangs, which is often said Playing "Book of Changes", so Yuli City became the birthplace of Zhouyi.
Going inside is the gossip maze of Bali City, similar to Beijing's Yuanmingyuan, and also a major feature.
everywhere reflects the spirit of gossip, even the pool into the door is made into the shape of gossip, including the color of the fish in the water are exquisite, red fish is yang, black fish is yin
After visiting the city of Yuli, we drove to Anyang for lunch. The small partner found a famous bowl of anyang in Anyang, and buckled the special dishes of Henan. It was usually made by steaming first, then buckled onto the plate and buckled. The number of bowls is the most famous. The bowls are steamed and ribs, yellow pheasant, elbow, mustard, and kelp.
Anyang This Tao Kee Bucket Bowl is located in the prosperous Wenfeng Middle Road. It is already an old name. I heard that local people will also solve the problem by three or five. The conclusion is that it is very, very delicious! !
After dinner, we are going to stroll in the old town of Anyang. The area around Wenfeng Road is the old town of Anyang. You can see many old yards and living conditions. It feels very comfortable to walk. of.
Anyang The old city has a yellow mottled wall. It has a feeling of being a child. It runs around in all kinds of alleys, encounters lazy cats and a bit of a fierce big dog. The sun hits the wall and the color is more vivid.
Posted: Jun 14, 2019
Yinxu is the epitome of a dynasty. On July 13, 2006, at the 30th World Heritage Conference held in Vilnius, Lithuania, Chinas Anyang Yinxu was officially selected in the World Cultural Heritage List. Anyang Yinxu is also China. The 33rd World Heritage Site.

When you enter the Yin Ruins, you can see many relics, such as the Palace Zongmiao District, the Wangling District, the tribes of the tribes, the family cemetery, the oracle bone cave and so on. At present, archaeological experts have discovered more than 110 palace ancestral temple buildings. These buildings have ancestral temples and social circles. On the one hand, it also proves that the royal palace of the Shang Dynasty had already had the before and after the night, Zuozuyoushe Planning prototype.

Henan Anyang Yinxu is a world cultural heritage, a national 5A level scenic spot, but there are very few tourists coming here. Some people think that it is a pit that is not good-looking and is not willing to come. Many cultural relics and relics of archaeological excavations have an important position in the cultural history of our country.

Yinxu cultural relics are the most in China, and some are the crown of the world. They contain the creativity, wisdom and superior skills of the ancestors of the Yin Dynasty. According to archaeological experts, Yinxu has a commercial dynasty buried underground. It has three elements: city, text and bronze. When I came to the Yin Ruins, we also felt that China is an ancient civilization with a long and splendid history.
Posted: Jan 22, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Wangxiangyan, Taihang Ridge Scenic Area, Wanquan Lake, Little South Sea Scenic Area, The Ice Frozen Cave (Bingbing Bei).
Here are the best places to visit in Anyang, including: Ma Family Manor, Peach Blossom Valley, Taixing Grand Canyon Rafting, National Museum of Chinese Writing, Anyang Museum.
As an Anyang person, I am responsible to tell you that Anyang is delicious, there are raw scum, fried enema, fried blood cake, rice flour, Zhaoji noodles, paste pancakes, flat powdered vegetables, Three non-stick, small buckle bowls... Sidley Hotel is an authentic Anyang special dish, you can taste.