Popular Architecture Attractions in Hainan

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
16,563 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is located in Yazhou District of Sanya. It is a famous religious and cultural site in China. The attraction is built by the sea, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and seas. The Nanshan Temple and the 33 Guanyin Temple in the scenic spot are both excellent places for worshipping Buddhas. At the end of the scenic spot, the 108-meter high Guan Yin of Nanshan cannot be missed.
Qilou Old Street
2,678 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Qilou Old Street is a distinctive streetscape in Haikou City. It is mainly distributed on Deshengsha Road, Xinhua South Road, Zhongshan Road, Boai Road and Jiefang Road. Qilou was built by the overseas Chinese returning from Nanyang and draws on the local architectural styles. Now, various businesses operate out of these Nanyang buildings. It is important to note that buying things here requires fierce bargaining, do not be embarrassed!
Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
10,075 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone mainly comprises the three scenic areas of the Rainforest Valley, Dream Valley, and Sandao Valley. Here you can see a virgin tropical rainforest ecosystem and experience the traditional culture of the Li and Miao peoples. The area contains a variety of other attractions such as high zip-lines and rope slides, so guests can enjoy thrilling amusement activities in the primeval setting.
Binlang Ethnic Village
4,067 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Binlang Ethnic Village is located within the Ganshiling Nature Reserve. The village preserves the pristine tropical environment, and the dense forest is thick with areca (betel) nut palms. The Binlang Ethnic Village showcases the culture of the Li and Miao peoples. Live performances display the folk customs of Hainan's indigenous inhabitants and help visitors better understand them as they enjoy the lovely scenery.
Sunrising Rock
229 Reviews
Sunrising Rock is located on the southeast cliff of Wuzhizhou Island. You can stand on the rock and enjoy the view of the seashore, overlooking the entire island, the panoramic view of the vast South China Sea. Below the cliff,weird stone. When the waters are calm, you can take a boat trip all the way around the island, the stone scenery is strange, the sight of the rock is like a natural stone Buddha, but also like a giant turtle slowly crawled to the sea, hoping to return to their home, it is also known as the golden sea turtle.
Guanyin Goddess at Nanshan
1,306 Reviews
A famous buddhist statue in Sanyan, the Nanshan Guanyin is a pilgrimage site for prayer and benediction. The statue, an effigy of the bodhisatva 108 meters in height, stands upon Jingangzhou (Guanyin Island) located in front of Nanshan Temple. Folk dancing and performance are staged here during festivals, and visitors can choose to participate in the revelry.
Yalong Bay Central Square
443 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Yalongwan Central Square is a well-known attraction in Yalong Bay and is a good place for recreation and entertainment. A totem pole comprised of giant granite and an aluminum alloy pillar stands in the square, and is a popular photo spot for tourists. The totem pole is engraved with images of dragons; phoenixes; sunbirds; fish and four gods of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. The sculptures around the totem pole are divided into three stone arrays with different themes, namely the four seasons, ancient myths, and traditional Chinese gods. It is ripe with cultural implications and mystery. The white sail-like tent and large multicolored fountain on the periphery of the square add a modern touch to the atmosphere.
Sanya Phoenix Hill Park
1,725 Reviews
Observation Deck
Sanya Phoenix Hill Park is located at the highest peak in Sanya, with the main peak reaching 400 meters above sea level. If you want to see breathtaking panoramic views, head to Fenghuang Mountain, which overlooks the city's architectural landscape, the four bays of Sanya, and on a sunny day, even the sea.

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