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Popular Attractions in Arrowtown

384 Reviews
Arrowtown is a historic town with elegant Victorian style near Queenstown. The rise of Arrowtown began in the 1860s. After the discovery of gold in Arrow River, seven to eight times of the population in Arrowtown today rushed into the area. Many of the buildings in the main street were built during the days of gold mining. Rather than relics, they are in everyday use as offices, cafes and shops. In the autumn, woods and forests in Arrowtown are all framed by spectacular slopes of autumn color. At this time of the year, Arrowtown will hold a welcoming festival for the arrival of autumn. If you are traveling to the South Island of New Zealand in the fall, be sure to spare some time for Arrowtown.
Arrow River
33 Reviews
Queenstown, New Zealand
Lakes District Museum & Art Gallery
14 Reviews
49 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown 9302, New Zealand
Arrowtown Chinese Settlement
29 Reviews
Buckingham St, Arrowtown 9302

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Trip Moments

The town's start-up is legendary. It is said that Williams, the founder of Queenstown, found the sands on the Arrow River and took 23 pounds of gold in just a few weeks. This heavy news opened the prelude to the economic development of Arrowtown. There were still many Chinese miners working hard here, and now they can still see the remnants of Chinese miners in Arrowtown. The
Arrow River is therefore known as one of the most abundant rivers in the world. After the gold rush cooled down, the arrow town of Qionglai was calm, with more than 30,000 people at the peak of the population and no more than 2,000 people.
Today's town is still very well maintained and maintains its historical characteristics. At the crossroads of the town is the Visitor Center and the Gold Rush Museum. The exhibits here tell about the gold rush in the year. The ancient architectural district of Arrowtown is a few hundred meters long street extending from the crossroads where the museum is located: Buckingham Street. There are more than 60 well-preserved buildings in the Gold Rush era on both sides. Some of these historic buildings are still in daily use.
For example, the Arrowtown Post Office, which opened in 1863, is still open for business. It is said to be the oldest post office in New Zealand. Some have turned into restaurants or homestays. Without exception, the signboard standing at the entrance to the building silently declares its own history for hundreds of years.
Walk on this street, surrounded by centuries-old European architecture: an old English phone booth, a 19th-century inn, a classic car parked by the road, and the time seems to have returned to more than 100 years ago.
Posted: Dec 25, 2018
Chloe Yin   
Posted: Dec 27, 2018

After jumping over the umbrella, continue on the way to Queenstown. First take the name of New Zealand's most beautiful road - Crown Mountain Road. The colors of early spring are not rich enough, and it should be more beautiful if autumn arrives. Before arriving in Queenstown, you will pass through Arrowtown, alias Gold Rush Town. At the beginning of the 19th century, a large number of workers came here to find gold, including Chinese people who came to the treasure hunt from the Guangdong, Pearl River Delta and other places, so the Chinese people still have the Chinese heritage site for tourists to visit. I visited the site and strolled around the town without a destination. Many flowers bloomed, including magnolia, cherry blossoms and daisies. . . Let us find another good place for narcissism to take pictures. There are many small shops in
Arrow, including cafes, restaurants, art galleries, bars and small shops selling souvenirs. Its predecessor was a gold rushing base. A long time ago, the Arrow River here was found to contain rich sands, attracting gold madmen from all over the world to explore and discover. Since then, Arrow Town has been established by the Arrow River. Today's Arrowtown has long since stopped relying on gold development. The original gold mines have also been mined and sealed. However, it is said that some people can still sift out the fine gold in the Arrow River. There are also many tourists who are willing to take the gold pan and squat on the river bank.
Posted: Dec 8, 2018
Kenny Lam   
There is a memorial hall in the town of Arrow that is closely related to the Chinese. It records in detail the long period of humiliation and bitterness of the Chinese miners in the 19th century.
1865, the gold rush in the Otago region began to cool down, a large number of European gold diggers went to the new gold mine on the west coast, the authorities worried about the economic collapse, decided to invite Australian Chinese miners to mine.
But with the increasing number of Chinese and the expansion of commercial interests, locals worried that New Zealand would become a inferior race colony and began to introduce a series of laws to prevent Chinese immigrants and set up the Anti-China European Miners Association. The Chinese began to suffer Insult.
Chinese people are deeply anxious about the hostility of the local people, suffering from poverty, they can't get rid of the status quo, they can only bear the burden of humiliation, hope to get enough 100-200 SGD to go home, use the money to buy a small farm, and eat a good food. life. In fact, with the depletion of gold mines, they knew that the gold rush dream was broken and they could only rely on traditional farming techniques to live. The shacks and shops of the
memorial hall were rebuilt in the same year. It was so sighing that it was hard to imagine people living in such a harsh environment.
In 2002, the New Zealand government officially apologized to the Chinese community for legally discriminating against early Chinese settlers; the following year, the New Zealand Protection Agency identified the improvement of the Chinese town of Arrowtown as part of the national reconciliation process to recognize the original Chinese The unique identity, history and courage of New Zealanders."
We should not forget this history. I would like to use this text to celebrate the Chinese pioneers in New Zealand and recognize their contribution to the multicultural community in New Zealand.
Posted: May 17, 2019


Wonderful Fjords, Skydiving Paradise, the Glenorchy Settlement and so on Could be Found Around Queenstown.
Outdoor Recreation
Natural Landscapes
There are many beautiful towns and natural scenery around Queenstown, and tourists, who want to choose 2 or 3 places for travel according to the own preference, would select the Queenstown as the base.
TripBlog   Dec 26, 2019