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Trip Moments

When the big black house burned meat, it kept sobbing and mourning. "Why isn't Beijing so delicious?! Going back can't eat it!" Beijing's barbecue is not Korean flavor or Xinjiang flavor, and there are few main Japanese pork dishes. But in any case, there is no such thing as a big black house. There are only four types of mutton that can be selected for
burning, but each is delicious, simple to bake, tender and completely without sheep. The four kinds of mutton can be, respectively, "Raw lamb Genghis Khan" is a lamb without seasoning, "Raw Lamb steak" is a lamb chops, and "Herb Raw lamb" is a herb and salt. Slightly pickled lamb, "Thick-slice Rack" is a boned lamb.
Ultra simple menu.
In addition to these, there are several salads and several pickled side dishes. If you concentrate on eating roast meat, you will recommend three kinds of must-have, meat, rice and beer. Others will look at personal preference. The rice is very powerful, it is full of delicious Japanese rice, the beer is very powerful, and the beer of Hokkaido is famous in Japan.
The big black house's barbecue stove is very special. The black iron plate is a bit like a warrior's helmet. There are spaces in the middle to allow the charcoal fire to directly contact the barbecue. There is a groove to allow the oil to flow around and mix with the vegetables. Maybe this It is also one of its delicious secrets. After ordering the dishes, the waiter will first send a plate of lettuce and meat, and the waiter will help you to bake first. First, put an oil on the iron plate, then put the vegetables around, then put the lamb on the grill. You can eat it after a few turns. It tastes sweet and beautiful. It is delicious with white rice and beer. ~~~ Vanilla and salt are slightly pickled mutton. You can taste the fresh gravy directly. Sweet, and the other three are in principle a special sauce, but I feel that even if it is not sticky, it is delicious, and this lamb has no sheep smell at all. It doesn't matter if it is not sauce.
The iron stove like a helmet, the middle of the grease that wipes the stove first.
slowly roast.
Hot steaming, aroma.
Second meat.
Finally added 2 pieces of the most original Genghis Khan barbecue, we recognize that this is the best.
Hokkaido dark beer and beer crushed ice cream.
The vegetables on the baking tray can also be eaten, but it is easy to scorch if you don't master well. Fortunately, these vegetables can be refrigerated free of charge, and the vegetables in Hokkaido are also delicious, so don't miss it. The amount of mutton is not large. With white rice and beer, usually one person must eat at least one plate. It is not a problem to eat more than 3 or 4 dishes. Therefore, a normal person should eat about 1500~2500 yen. The level of consumption in Japan is such a delicious taste that this meal is definitely worth the money.
If there are places that are not satisfactory, there are two points. First, the meat on the grill will lick the oil star, although it will not be burned, but occasionally it will be a little painful. Secondly, although there is already an exhaust fan on the oven, the whole store is still full of smog. If it is too long to eat too much, it may not be enough. The thick coat in winter hangs on the wall and eats the meat that is worn out. However, the Japanese around are very happy.
Inside the narrow occlusion store.

Store name: Genghis Khan Otsuka House, Kita-Chome branch () Address: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, 4th, 5th, 5th, 3rd, 4th, Zhongtong, traffic means: Asahikawa, , , 11 minutes Business hours: 17