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Arabia MountainNearby City

Arabia Mountain

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"The dazzling galaxies are all the affection for Arabia Mountain | The sky uses lake water as a mirror and falls into my eyes. Location information: 3787 Klondike Rd, Lithonia, GA 30038 Opening hours: Free all day. This is a very special place, it has a lot of potholes The small hole in the ground is full of water. I wonder if it is a mirror made by God for myself? Because these holes are all rocks, these rocks have nice patterns and the colors are separated by gray and white, which is really beautiful. There is the gentleness you expect here. There is a wide lake but it is also inlaid with rocks. The water quality is clean and thorough. From a distance, it looks like a mirror and the surrounding area is especially suitable for taking pictures. Many photographers also come here and attract a lot. People come here. In addition to this, the sky here is the most charming. The sky changes every moment, and every time there are different colors and attitudes, it is also the best scene to come here to shoot the sky. You can also choose the day when the weather is good or there is a meteor shower. If the weather is good, the starry sky here is particularly dazzling at night. The reflection in the lake will touch the lake water and think that you have caught the stars. When you look up and meet the beautiful night, even the wind is gentle. Set off the shining galaxy, set foot on the sun and the moon and run towards you"