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The view at the palmNearby City

The view at the palm

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"Observation Decks"
66 mi from Abu Dhabi, Dubai
"Detailed address: You can search directly The view at the palm or Nakheel mall. Traffic Raiders: If you drive, you can drive directly to the underground parking lot of Nakheel mall, parking is free. Another is to take the subway to palm gateway, and then take the light rail to Nakheel mall, but it is recommended to take a taxi, which is more convenient. Take the elevator to the R floor in the mall, you can buy tickets on site, or buy tickets in advance on the official website, 100 di. 1. The first door is a 3D simulated ocean world channel, quite beautiful 2. The second door has a 3D Palm Island sensor screen on the ground. Under the guidance of the guide, let us step on the footprints appearing on the screen, and step by step form a complete Palm Island. 3. The third door will let me Sitting down to watch a documentary about the construction of Palm Island, for a few minutes, it was significant 4. The fourth gate is the introduction to the timeline of the founding of the United Arab Emirates, mainly the construction of some of the Palm Island, the very rare artificial reclamation project, and some of the island's famous attractions, openings, characters, Introduce to the hotel. 5. Enter the elevator, enter the highest floor, the elevator is quite fast, arrive at the top floor 360 degree viewing platform, if you buy the sunset time period, it should be beautiful. [Like] Highlights: 360 view of Dubai, Dubai's harbour coastline, the sky landmark 360-degree spiral Cayenne Tower, the world's tallest ferris wheel, the Sailing Hotel in the Sea, the Atlantis Hotel Palm, Sea and Desert. In addition to parachuting, helicopters and water planes, the highest viewing location. # Photography with the sailing hotel is a niche attraction, not too many people go, you can go experience, now the winter weather is very good [Cute]"